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Create 4 powerpoint presentations - nice images, following directions

Company Name & Description: 
Individual hiring

I need four powerpoints created, with pages that show nice images about a sight to see, or festival, or traditional food, etc, of a country. They are simple but good-looking presentations without much text, with a focus on finding great images. The date of delivery is one week after hiring. If successful, it'll be a repeating job, the same each month.

To apply, please get in touch, and to show you have a good eye for attractive images, please send a powerpoint page showing attractive images showcasing the following, about Mexico:

Sights to See in Mexico:
Chichen Itza
Catedral Metropolitana

Food of Mexico:

Thank you.

Candidate Requirements: 

Experience with powerpoint.
A good eye for nice images.
English language.

Education Level Required: 
Not Specified
Available For: 
Local Chinese
Salary Range: 
Under 2000
Position filled: 

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