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Company Name & Description: 
Boffin Language Group Inc. Founded in 1996 by IT-industry and software-development veterans, Boffin began as one of only a few translation and localization service providers in China. We started out translating software UI and manuals in a single local language. Today, 22+ years on, we have translated over 400 million words and solidly expanded in over 55 language combinations in addition to providing translation related services like Desktop Publishing, Transcription, Voice-over, Subtitling, Video engineering etc. to many of the world's most well-known firms across Asia, Europe and the US.

2.熟悉本地化工具(如SDL Trados等)尤佳;

Email: {please use link below}
Tel:{phone number hidden}
Contact: Lisa Liu
Office address:深圳市南山区蛇口南海大道1077号北科创业大厦602


Job Requirements:
1. The native language is traditional Chinese, fluent in English, and has a strong ability to translate English into Chinese.
2. Familiar with localization tools (such as SDL Trados, etc.).
3. Love translation work, patient and meticulous.
4. In order to save time on both sides, this position needs to be remotely tested and then invited to the company for on-site interview.
5. Full-time, office location Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen.

Email: {please use link below}
Tel:{phone number hidden}
Contact: Lisa Liu
Office address:深圳市南山区蛇口南海大道1077号北科创业大厦602

Company benefits:
1.Humanized, friendly, inclusive and open working atmosphere;
2.5 days and 8 hours working system, the company attendance does not punch, there is 30 minutes of flexible time every morning, all employees are self-disciplined and friendly;
3.In the afternoon tea time from 15:30 to 16:00 every afternoon, you can enjoy rich fruits and snacks, or you can close your eyes and keep your eyes closed. This is the time that belongs to you completely for a while;
4.There is a daily lunch subsidy of 15 yuan on the day of attendance;
5.Various activities subsidies. In peacetime and weekends, everyone can organize group activities or dinners, and the company pays the bills. This is a must;
6.Holiday gifts, birthday gifts, marriage benefits, etc., are also indispensable;
7.Every year, routine medical examinations, tourism, annual meetings, etc., of course, we have others;
8.At the end of the year, double pay, annual salary adjustment, and year-end bonuses have not fallen;
9.We do not advocate overtime work. If overtime is required, the company pays overtime pay as required, which is not ambiguous at all;
10.Perfect training, promotion mechanism and international standards, so that each talent can broaden their horizons and go wider and further on the road of professionalism.

Education Level Required: 
Available For: 
Salary Range: 
10001 - 20000
Position filled: 

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