Recent Resumes(CVs)

Bouhadjar Adel's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Futian District/foreign trade, French Teacher, sales, translator
Olivera Zivic's Resume (CV)
PR/Media/Advertising/Outside of China
sundaex's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Shekou District/CATTI Certificate (China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters)
Rain Leng's Resume (CV)
Engineering/Baoan District
1stparty's Resume (CV)
Education/Luohu District/designs, Fashion design, HTML & CSS are a plus, IELTS 8.0, Teaching
William Harman's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Outside of China/stooof
flora_scm's Resume (CV)
Other/Baoan District
Albert Tan Lie Sing's Resume (CV)
Education/Futian District/A Maths, AP Physics, Basic Physics, Hardware Technology Specialist, IB Math, IGCSE Curriculum
Great one's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Baoan District/Market research; Sourcing; Negotiation;Translation etc
Olesia's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Futian District
Queenly Chen's Resume (CV)
Sales/Marketing/Nanshan District/( CET-6) international trade,International sales,Manager assistant, ENGLISH .TRADING .QC .sales .
Don How's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Shekou District
Sharon Gu's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Baoan District/( CET-6&TEM-8 ) international trade translation alternative interpretation AGM
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/PHP DEVELOPER
Cathy Z's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Longgang District
Fay Wei's Resume (CV)
Manufacturing/administration, English Teaching, procurement
Grace Wen's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Luohu District/Freelance Business Helper in China/International Trade/Merchandiser/Sourcing
520Jenny's Resume (CV)
Other/Futian District/Business assistant/ sourcing assistant/ research assistant, procurement
Piskun Svetlana's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Nanshan District/Bloomberg; Wind; Excel VBA; Stata & SPSS
John Cotronea's Resume (CV)
Entertainer/Outside of China
Michael Hanley's Resume (CV)
Sales/Marketing/Shekou District
Nathan Laseter's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Elsewhere in China
Jeffrey Giovanni Sirlina's Resume (CV)
English Teaching
Kriti Gupta's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Luohu District
Pooja tewani's Resume (CV)
Education/Luohu District
MR SAM's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Nanshan District/eng teacher
Jelena Smiljanic's Resume (CV)
Education/Futian District
Bojan Smiljanic's Resume (CV)
Design/Creative/Luohu District/3D modeling rendering, consumer electronics, Industrial Designer, Kickstarter, Product designer
SaraOk's Resume (CV)
Other/Nanshan District
Lucinda5168's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Futian District/business coordinator, Interpreter/Sourcing/Oversea sales in shenzhen
Greg DOble's Resume (CV)
Manufacturing/Longgang District
benjamin7's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Futian District/English
leomonk's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Longgang District
Nancy520's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Futian District
Ignace Delville's Resume (CV)
International Trade/Longgang District
Nikolay Kruzhilin's Resume (CV)
Education/Elsewhere in China/ESL, IELTS, Instructor, teacher
Lilit Malkhasian's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Nanshan District/Business English, exam preparation, teaching English to children and adults
garrett1975's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Futian District/can teach all ages, Manradin, TEFL certified
Girvits Vladimir's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Baoan District/#English #teacher #music #job #speaker #russian #model
shahrzad's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Guangzhou/financial
Amine HENIA's Resume (CV)
Legal/Paralegal/Elsewhere in China
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/PHP DEVELOPER
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/Web Developer
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/Web Developer
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/Web Developer
mdnooruzzama's Resume (CV)
IT/Internet/Hong Kong/Web Developer
Lena552897's Resume (CV)
English Teaching/Nanshan District
Alex Rodriguez Zabalegui's Resume (CV)
Education/Nanshan District/Education, English-speaking Lawyer In Shenzhen, Shenzhen, spanish, Teaching
MartinDong's Resume (CV)
Manufacturing/Baoan District/engineer, Inspector, Juvenile Product, Management, Merchandiser, Project, QA, quality, Testing, toys
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