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Company Description: 
SOBASE PLASTIC MOLD (SHENZHEN) LTD Established in 2001 SoBase has seen tremendous growth, due to our high standards of our workmenship, Good leadership and Management and a Quality control system that is second to none. Employing 120 people whom specilise in mold making, Our Engineers are western trained and speak English so you need not worry about the communication gap and misunderstands caused by translations. We truly are an international company as we also have Westerns working here. SOBASE mold specializes in the engineering and the construction of plastic injection molds; our dedicated and experienced engineers and mold makers provide impeccable craftsmanship and personal commitments to mold excellence and on-time delivery. Today, SOBASE is an international plastic injection molds supplier with its facility at Shenzhen, Guangdong province in Southern China. Our company is molded with quality injections The application of high-performance machining technology and equipments, the continual training program for all employees and the aggressive standard in quality control system has progressed SoBase to be one of the preferred mold suppliers. Apart from the tool making, SOBASE is also your complete source for injection moldings and product development; SOBASE provides the complete service from the design right through to prototyping, sampling or moldings for pilot series or mass production.

Key Responsibility:
1.Responsible for international business development and maintenance of plastic moulds and plastic injection.
2.Assist project engineer to follow up the progress of the project.
3.Organize trade show exhibitors at home and abroad.
4.To assist in marketing related work.

Job requirements
1.Female, age between 22 and 35 years old, college degree or above, computer operation skill.
2.Strong market development ability,strong ability to work independently.
3.Strong sense of responsibility,fluent English in listening,speaking,reading and writing.
4.The B2B platform able to skillfully operate and can reasonable use of these resources to get the order.
5.Image good, outgoing personality, cheerful and lively, can adapt to flexible working time

Working place:Nanshan district Shenzhen
Interview place: Nanshan district Shenzhen

Education Level Required: 
Years work experience: 
2 years
Salary Range: 
2000 - 5000
Position filled: 

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