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Football Coach/Teacher

Company Name & Description: 
UREC's focus is providing placement opportunities for Chinese students within elite UK boarding schools. Over the last 10 years we have grown steadily, now welcoming up to two hundred each summer. Each year new groups and individuals join us and many return year after year. This year we have started to focus on education within China and more specifically on sports within China. UREC represents the highest standards of education and safety. We look forward to welcoming a young, ambitious and energetic member into our Shenzhen team to help us organise sporting events and work alongside schools. We are an ambitious forward-thinking company and are looking to develop sports culture within Shenzhen.
  • Organise sport competitions between schools.
  • Coach young learners.
  • Work in a team to organise school activities.
  • Give constructive feedback.
Candidate Requirements: 

*Passionate about Football.
*Experienced in school team coaching.
*Experienced in event organisation.
*Demonstrate strong communication skills and leadership, especially with children 4-15
years old.
*Good judgment on the performance of PE pupils.
*Bachelor degree or above, major in Physical Education is preferred.
*FIBA license or other license is a must, preference will be given to those with high qualifications.
*Provide useful and insightful information to our clients.
*Evaluating students’ needs.

Education Level Required: 
Years work experience: 
2 years
Available For: 
Expatriates & Local Chinese
Salary Range: 
Not Specified
Position filled: 

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