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Shipping Specialist

Company Name & Description: 
EDIFICE VENTURES LTD We are the global purchasing company established in March 2009. We procure construction materials from China, Spain and Thailand etc. to Southeast Asia, Affrica, such as tiles, flooring, door, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen accessory, hardware, furniture etc. The office located at south Exhibition Center Futian district Shenzhen City.

Responsible for export/import coordination base on the purchase order and the delivery schedules. Acknowledge the completion/inspection of product. Container booking from forwarders. Send the cargo and delivery information to forwarder(packing list, delivery address, warehouse receipt etc.)
Develop new forwarder, obtain the best price and best route
Coordinate with QC/Purchasing department, customs house broker etc, prepare the shipping information and documentation. Arrange the customs declaration, transportation, commodity inspection, loading etc.properly.
Follow up the container movement, update the container tracking report.
Coordinate with the importer in India on import and customs clearance
Prepare related shipping documents( BL/Insurance/CO/DCC etc)
Check the invoice issue from the forwarders and submit to accounting department for payment, sum up the shipping charges and analyze the transportation expenses.
Maintain the good relationships with forwarders

1。 根据订单及出货计划,负责进出口协调工作查看出口货物完成情况,入仓,验货情况订仓,订船安排运输公司,报给货物运输公司货物及交货资料(装箱单,收货地址,仓单等)
2. 开发新的货运公司,获取最优价格/线路;
3。 与QC 采购部门以及报关公司等配合, 准备出货数据资料,合理安排协调物货物报关,运输,商检,装运等
4. 跟进追宗货物的运输进程,及时更新运输进度报告
5. 与印度进口方/货运公司等配合协调进口清关提货相关工作
6. 准备确认出口相关的文件(提单/保险/产地证明/危包证等)
7. 确认货运公司的发票向财务申请付款, 进行年度运输费统计与分析
8. 维护与货运公司的关系

Candidate Requirements: 

Above college degree mayor in logistics is preferred
3years related working experience, acknowledge the shipping work flow
Familiar with the international trading
Capable to communication in English both speaking and writing
Good capabilities in communication, coordination;
Good analytical & problem-solving skills;
Active work attitude, Strong responsibility of work, can work under pressure;
Good computer skill in Windows Office and Email .

1 大专以上学历,物流专业优先
2 3年以上相关工作经验,熟悉整个船务工作流程
4 对国际贸易有一定的了解
5 能熟练用英文进行沟通,写作;
6 良好的人际沟通、协调能力

Education Level Required: 
Years work experience: 
2 years
Available For: 
Local Chinese
Salary Range: 
Not Specified
Position filled: 

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