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Assistant Product Manager, Digital & E-Commerce in Hong Kong at DFS

Key Responsibilities:
• Liaise with business stakeholders and IT delivery partners to facilitate alignment of understanding of requirements
• Manage agile user stories with clear acceptance criteria for development team’s execution
• Support product owner to conduct comprehensive analysis on product performance and market data, translate the findings into meaningful action plans to maximize product performance
• Manage to user acceptance testing process including test planning, execution and defect management
• Prepare training materials and conduct training to end users
• Engage in user experience design and apply operation knowledge to contribute alternative solutions
• Lead and coordinate solution delivery for simple product enhancements


Senior Consultant - EIC EDUCATION

Your Role as a Senior Consultant:

If you are a graduate from a top 30 US University with strong communication skills, an interest in international consulting, and a passion for working with young adults, then you just might have what it takes to be a Senior Consultant (SC) at Prestige Only. As a SC, your primary task will be working with students: monitoring their academic progress, providing key insight into western education, and assisting with the application process. Beyond this, there is vast room for growth and professional development based on your skills and interests, as the recent merge with EIC has opened up a host of responsibilities and opportunities.


Portuguese (Brazil) Translator (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen)

The main role of the LQA (Language quality assurance) will be to serve as a gatekeeper for the quality of translations (grammar, spelling and punctuation, meaning accuracy -loyalty to source, style, terminology and consistency). You will work with a team and under the supervision of a mentor to complete linguistic projects according to the requests of clients. You will gain real work experience and learn to communicate with project managers and other employees, to manage your workload and time, to use translation tools (like CAT), and more.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

• Actual translations from English to Portuguese (Brazil) for non-technical and technical texts.
• Proofreading/reviewing existing translations against the English source.


Musicians Wanted for Wine and Cheese Events

Every month organizes the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club and we need great talent to keep our guests entertained.

See the upcoming wine and cheese schedule Then respond below to let us know what month you would like to perform.

We are looking for jazz or pop please respond below with your

  1. Name and group name
  2. Email
  3. Phone number
  4. Give us a link to your band profile

The wine and cheese is a great platform to perform as we have a regular crowd of over 100 people consisting of event organizers and F&B professionals. Past bands that have done a good job for us have been recommend for other events.


Thai Recording & Transcription

1.Conversational telephony.
2.Cellular phone data, landlines, or VoIP.
3.Sampling Rate: 8kHz.
4.File: wav
5.Speech Type:
1.Conversational, unscripted speech
2.Pair of speakers will have natural, free speech conversations on a range of generic topics:
9.News & Current Affairs
13.Holiday / Leisure Miscellaneous
16.Movies/TV Shows
17.Information and Technology
3.Each conversation should preferably focus on one topic. The topic name should be reported in the metadata in the transcription file.
4.Suggested conversation length is 20 to 60 minutes. Each recording should preferably contain one conversation.


Need native female english speakers for audio recording

We will make the voice recording for Children sound toy.
The native female english speaker needed. The pronunciation is standard without any accent.
The voice is pure and sweet.
This is part-time job, we often need. we pay each time. me as soon as you can. Send me your wechat,Cell number. I will contact you soon.


Male native english speaker needed.

We will make the voice recording for robot toy.
The native male english speaker needed. The pronunciation is standard.
The voice is deep,forcefully and magnetic sound.
This is part-time job, we often need. we pay each time. me as soon as you can. Send me your wechat,Cell number. I will contact you soon.


Need native male english speakers for audio recording

We want to do the voice recording for sound toy.
we need male native speaker with deep, magnetic voice.
The pronunciation is standard without any accent.
This is part-time job, we often need. we pay each time. me as soon as you can. Send me your wechat,Cell number, email. I will contact you soon.


Marketing Manager

Reports to: CEO
Location: Shenzhen, China

 Develop and execute strategies and tactics to generate awareness about Asia Quality Focus, and support sales to increase customer acquisition.
 Support the overall long term strategic direction of AQF and related transformation.
 Management of online marketing activities to increase online traffic and lead generation through content creation and blogging, paid SEO, targeted email campaigns and partnerships with affiliated service providers.
 Management of offline activities to enhance brand awareness through more traditional marketing activities.
 Coordinate with sales team and marketing colleagues within the group sister companies to develop sales proposals for high potential customers.


Agile Development Project Manager & Scrum Master

Job Description
We are looking for a Project Manager to manage software developer progress and act as a de facto scrum master.. The project manager should have a technical background with experience working with software developers and managing technical projects. The right person should be intimately familiar with popular startup and technology philosophies.


Coordination between engineers, internal departments, customer, and vendors for project deliveries
Project budgeting and roadmap management
Develop and own KPIs for project management success
Interview clients, staff, vendors and other stakeholders to obtain first hand understanding of our user stories, especially in regards to flushing out PRD to developers

Skills and Values:
call us: +86-755-3395-5850