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CEO Assistant, 14K+

Position for assistant of the CEO of Kaiyan medical, Is a role with large responsibilities and will require a great amount of attention to details.
You will be working on daily base with the customers and the ceo of Kaiyan medical.
Chinese and foreigners who can speak and write both perfect Chinese and English may send over there resume for this job opening.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities
• take and distribute accurate messages
• coordinate messenger and courier service of the ceo
• receive, sort and distribute incoming mail
• monitor incoming emails and answer or forward as required
• fax, scan and copy documents, maintain a copy on our server.
• maintain office filing and internal system orders.


Alibaba Account Manager

You will be responsible for increasing revenue and profitability for the Alibaba business by effectively managing all aspects of the business inclusive of trend analysis, financial planning, forecasting, and digital marketing.


Foreign Sales Assistent

Job Description
The Sales Assistant performs a variety of administrative functions to support the business activities. As Sales Assistant you will be responsible tracking all the inquiry’s and you will be arranging and following up the product projects from beginning to the end. The Sales Assistant must be organized; detailed, process and service oriented; and able to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

Working hours:
9: 00-12: 30; 13: 30-18: 00

- College degree or above
- Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices
- Proficiency in English, reading, writing and speaking.
- Proficiency in Chinese, reading, writing and speaking.
- Basic administration skills
- Solid communication and interpersonal skills


Metal Fabricator

As Metal Processor you will be operating lathe machinery in our daily operations. You then must have an understanding of feeds, sanding, deformation, cutting speed, facing, knurling, drilling, turning, depth of the cut and which usage of the tool should be considered.
Working hours:
Monday - Friday:
09.00 to 12.30
13.30 to 18.00
18.30 to 20.30
09.00 to 12.30
13.30 to 18.00


Merchandiser 跟单员

  1. Receive customer orders, sales orders under ERP;
  2. Produce commercial invoices; collect payment;
  3. Internal and external communication;
  4. Assist in shipping and shipping quotes;
  5. Assist in printing the packing list;
  6. Other matters



System Engineer 体系工程师

  1. Be responsible for establishing and improving the company's management system, and promoting the implementation and audit of the system;
  2. Ensure that the system management matches the actual business process, is operable and supports the company's strategy.
  3. Be responsible for sorting out business activities, collecting relevant documents and records;
  4. Organizing and compiling departmental system documents and planning related record templates;
  5. Responsible for system document training, promote and audit the implementation of documents;
  6. Leading and planning the promotation and implementation of information technology;
  7. Ensure the suitability, effectiveness and integrity of the management system;


Manufacturing Engineering Manager 制造工程经理

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the optimization of manufacturing processes and process methods, and the introduction of advanced process technology to reduce waste, improve efficiency, continuous improvement, and effectively control the cost of products and manufacturing processes;
2. Responsible for the leading product line products, responsible for timely processing of on-site process and technical issues, and taking preventive measures;
3. Responsible for the design, implementation and management of product fixtures and the implementation of related production automation projects;
4. Participate in the relevant trial production and introduction of new products (transfer projects) (manufacturing process / BOM / facility tooling, etc.);


Project Procurement 项目采购

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop, review, select, and follow up suppliers and service providers based on the strategic needs of the R&D project;
2. Collecting tools, resources, and methods for professional procurement, and obtaining products or service resources from the supply market;
3. Develop a procurement development plan based on market, customer needs, and understanding product concepts and technical requirements;
4. Develop and organize all professional tools, resources and methods to support the tasks of this position;
5. Submit individual project development results and implement relevant standards;
6. Establish a supplier information base and update and publish it in a timely manner;

1. 依据研发项目的战略需求,开展供应商及服务商的开发、评审、选择、跟进;
2. 集合专业采购的工具、资源、方法,从供应市场获取产品或服务资源;


Injection Mold Tooling Manager

JADE Group International has been building injection molds for export to North America and Europe for 13 years. At our factory in Zhongshan we build up to 300 molds per year for export. We are currently seeking a Manager to oversee the day to day operations of the tool shop.


Responsive, customers expect regular updates on time and any questions that arise to be answered quickly and in detail.
Leadership, understands how to set priorities for a team and delegate work.
Motiviated, can work with minimal direct supervision.


Part design Creo or Solidworks.
5+ years injection mold experience.
Familiarity with China tooling.
Understand QC reporting and measurements.
Basic knowledge of injection mold processing.


Product Development Manager

At JADE, we help other companies design, development, prototype, test, tool and manufacturing their new products. We also have several of our own new products. We are looking for a Product Development Manager to direct an international team of industrial and mechanical designers. The position is based in Zhongshan City Guangdong China and works closely with customers in Europe and North America as well as our design teams in Chandigarh India and Zhongshan. Products utilize a wide range of materials: plastics, metal fabrications, sheet metal fabrication, electronics, etc. We manufacture products and injection molds at our factory in Zhongshan.


Innovative, can envision ways to develop new products.
call us: +86-755-3395-5850