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Freelance sourcing and rep. agent

In this difficult times of a worldwide pandemic,
The needs of so many countries and customers have changed.

Our regular customers and many new ones are demanding for
New products related to the new era of needs and necessities.
(Not Masks!!)

If you prefer to work from home, hold a serious attitude and free for
Handling serious matters in China on our behalf - it is a great opportunity
To learn from very experienced people and earn high commissions and income.

Demand exceeds the supply in various areas.
We need a serious partner on the Chinese side to help us move things quickly
And efficiently with Chinese suppliers and logistic companies.



We are looking for a responsible, hard-working person to join the company as a Merchandiser. The candidate will be responsible for multiple customers, guiding them through the process of placing their orders and ensuring that their orders are shipped successfully.


• Maintain positive relationships with key customers
• Arrange quotations and PIs
• Follow up on orders and make sure all of the customer’s requirements are understood and completed
• Manage shipment and customs clearance


Tool & Injection Mold Shop Manager

We are currently seeking a Manager to oversee the day to day operations of the tool shop.


Responsive, customers expect regular updates on time and any questions that arise to be answered quickly and in detail.
Leadership, understands how to set priorities for a team and delegate work.
Motiviated, can work with minimal direct supervision.


Part design Creo or Solidworks.
5+ years injection mold experience.
Familiarity with China tooling.
Understand QC reporting and measurements.
Basic knowledge of injection mold processing.


Customer Relations Manager

We are looking for an experienced, responsible person to join the company as the Customer Relations Manager. The candidate will be responsible for maintaining positive relationships with existing customers, as well as identifying opportunities to grow the customer base.


  • Build and maintain profitable relationships with key customers
  • Oversee the relationship with customers handled by your team
  • Provide support and structure for your team to ensure achievement of goals
  • Coordinate with colleagues (e.g. senior management) to create plans for generating/increasing sales from new and existing customers


Multimedia Designer

We are looking for a creative, talented individual to join our marketing department as a Multimedia Designer. The candidate will develop and design creative content for print, website, advertisements, social media and more.


Content Writer For B2B Website(accept apart time )

We are outdoor Led Lighting Factory in Shenzhen LongHua
Google "ishinelux" that you can find our site

Firstly, Our products are outdoor & sport Led light
-100% unique content (will be checked with plagiarism checker)
-No broken English, American English would be an advantage
-Topics must be focused on the outdoor led light industry, electrical, etc.
-Give you different topics to write content for the website, or you decide the title name
About 3-6 blogs per month, normal content for {phone number hidden} words、and {phone number hidden} words for high quality with deep research
Friendly to Google SEO (we can teach you )

you can send the message by


Chief Financial Officer Wanted

  1. Establish and improve the financial management and accounting system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise; supervise and inspect the implementation of the financial system, budget, and appropriate and timely adjustments
  2. Daily management of the finance department;


senior manufacturing engineer, electronic

Duties and responsibilities
1. Create and review WIs, process time ,flow chart and layouts for current and new products
2. Following up PI and make sure the issues are fixed in time.
3. Prepare ECRs including the issue’s thorough description and solution proposals
4. Take part in the DfM process, including design reviews and sample evaluation
5. Design tools, fixtures and gauges for processing and testing new and existing products
6. Update WIs, process time and layouts in ERP
7. Record the related versions of BOM
8. Communicate and clarify issues with production and quality departments
9. Check manufacturing line setup on SA production start according to WIs and layouts
10. Perform random production line supervision


Accounting Manager

2、 负责建立和健全公司内部的财务管理制度及会计核算体系;
3、 负责监督会计人员及时准确完地成税务、工商、统计、会计核算、会计档案等工作
4、 负责主持集团各分公司及整体的财务报表及财务预决算的编制工作,确保数据准确、为公司决策提供及时有效的财务分析,保证财务信息对外披露的正常进行,有效地监督检查财务制度、预算的执行情况以及适当及时的调整;
5、 根据集团公司中、长期经营计划,参与编制集团年度综合财务计划和控制标准、税收筹划等
6、 精确监控和预测现金流量,确定和监控公司负债和资本的合理结构,统筹管理和运作公司资金并对其进行有效的风险控制;
7、 对公司重大的投资、融资、并购等经营活动进行协助并提供建议和决策支持,参与风险评估、指导、跟踪和控制;
8、 负责对接投资方/PE的尽职调查工作
9、 与财政、税务、银行、证券等相关政府部门及会计师事务所等相关中介机构建立并保持良好的关系;
10、 向上级汇报公司经营状况、经营成果、财务收支及计划的具体情况,为上级提供财务分析,提出有利建议。


project manager assistant

Project manager assistant for R&D and manufacturing of electronic products

*Assist in coordinating all project requirements and project specifications
*Assist in planning & managing various projects, to follow up the projects with detailed implementation
*Evaluate the progress of the project to ensure that the timeline is followed steadily and consistently
*Set out management and working procedures and forms for various functions
*Arrange and attend meetings and take minutes
*Assist in controlling and updating all project related documentations
*Generating and maintaining product BOM`s
*Source for varies components for various projects
*Follow up on parts and components schedules
*Investigate and manage online software in project management and sales


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