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E-Commerce product photographer

We are looking for a professional product photographer who can help with taking high quality product photography for Ecommerce products.

- part-time or freelance

- focus on E-Commerce product photography
- based in Shenzhen
- reference projects

- your email address
- portfolio with reference projects.
- website (if you have one)

OUR CONTACT DETAILS (sometimes VPN is needed to access webpage)
{please use link below}


Product Designer (ID)

Job Description:
This position will entail creating new designs for foot care products and sports accessories and helping guide the design process with our development team. Most of the time will be spent in our Shenzhen office creating new innovative designs and drawings based on market trends, but there will also be some time in nearby factories to analyze the production process to accurately tweak designs to meet production criteria. Good management skills are needed as you will be required to coordinate with a team of technical specialists and product development personnel on various projects to meet objectives. If interested in position please email ryan.schock @ bestolfootcare. com

• Create 3D Industrial Designs for foot care and sports accessory products.


Create 4 powerpoint presentations - nice images, following directions

I need four powerpoints created, with pages that show nice images about a sight to see, or festival, or traditional food, etc, of a country. They are simple but good-looking presentations without much text, with a focus on finding great images. The date of delivery is one week after hiring. If successful, it'll be a repeating job, the same each month.

To apply, please get in touch, and to show you have a good eye for attractive images, please send a powerpoint page showing attractive images showcasing the following, about Mexico:

Sights to See in Mexico:
Chichen Itza
Catedral Metropolitana

Food of Mexico:

Thank you.


full time graphic designer

Able to create promotion for website and mobile
familiar with photoshop or similar
hard worker
english is no necessary


Designer Multimedia

• To expand the product distribution
• attract good attention and increase the likelihood that the viewer will buy the product.
• to build brand recognition, create exchange, create value, and to spread a specific message


Part-time foreign teacher needed in Shenzhne ASAP

1.Add: Nanshan district,close to Longjing station Line 7 .
1.Native Female only ,American or Canadian preferred
2.Have at least two years teaching experience to primary school Grade 4-6
3.Sunday afternoon ,2 hours per time
4.Whom: 6 students who are 9-11 years old
5.Teaching textbook :Longman English
6.600/ 2 hours


VM Designer/Retail Designer

Position: VM Designer/Retail Designer
Department: Design Department
Reporting to: Design Manager (foreign national)
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Asia Head Office in Shenzhen Futian
Will have daily contact with company President (foreign national).

  1. Objective Description:
    Work with other members of the design team and involved in all aspects of retail design and visual merchandising, including showroom and booth display, shop front and floor plan.
  2. Responsibilities:
    i. Working closely with the Design Manager/President to interpret the brief and to develop design ideas, both in 2D and 3D.
    ii. Preparing 2D sketches and using computer assisted design (CAD) to prepare detailed scale technical drawings and sometimes 3D models.


Part time foreign jewelry design teacher and foreign costume design teacher need ASAP near Grand Theater metro station

A Prepare for the course according to the course subjects.

B Taking class for the students.

C Attend the extracurricular activities


photo shop expert

will be given a verity of photos and documents to change according to the customers need. you will be able to work from home.



  1. Business Development:
    • Identifying potential prospects (LinkedIn,, Forums…),
    • Liaising with prospects (Email/ Phone Call),
    • Project follow-up with potential & current clients (South of China, Hong Kong, Macau),
  2. Project Management:
    Being in charge of Project Follow up and Communication between Shenzhen Office &:
    • Design team (Based in Shanghai),
    • Production/Tailor team (Based in Shanghai & Shenzhen),
    • Clients,
call us: +86-755-3395-5850