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Huawei to Add 5,500 Jobs in Europe Following Disappointing Market Access in US

Huawei in Europe

Huawei, the world second largest maker of telecoms communication equipment, is planning to add 5,500 jobs in Europe within five years, local media reported. 

According to Patrick Zhang, the president of Huawei’s marketing and solutions, Huawei is tapping into European telecoms markets by providing information technology solutions to European enterprises. The turnover generated by the business venture is expected to reach $1 billion in the next 3 to 5 years. Localization seems to be one of key strategies when Huawei marches towards Europe. 

So far there are over 7,500 staff hired by Huawei in Europe, of whom 800 are working in R&D. Huawei runs 13 R&D sites in 8 European countries including UK, France and Sweden, which covers wireless, fixed, optical, future network, standard and chipset design technologies.

However, European Commission might endanger the expansion of Huawei by accusing of anti-competitive behavior. Huawei has faced similar situation in U.S..  A congressional report of America has pointed out that Huawei has posed a security threat to its home business, which Zhang claimed it as groundless reason, and blocked Huawei from American market. Zhang said the expansion progress in Europe was different from that in the U.S. and felt confident about the future in European market though competitions there are intense. 


Huawei reported the sale revenue in 2012 reaching US$35.35 billion and net profit US$2.47 billion.



Huawei to create 5,500 jobs in Europe, rebels against 'groundless' exile from US

China's Huawei to add 5,500 jobs in Europe in five years - paper

Huawei to create 5,500 new jobs in Europe

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