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Rui Zeng's blog

UniGroup: Relocating in China? Planning is Essential for a Successful Move

Written by: Vieng Sayavongsa and Zachary Kever     Read more »

UniGroup: Importing Personal Effects into Shenzhen

By: Zachary Kever, General Manager, South China UniGroup Worldwide UTS 

    As Shenzhen’s economy has grown over the last 30 years so has the amount of expatriates working and living in the city. Many people that move to Shenzhen bring a couple of suitcases when they arrive and leave with a 20 or 40 foot container. Others bring in a container of furniture only to find out that apartments already come fully furnished. As an expatriate that has lived in Hong Kong, China and Vietnam for 10 years and having moved four times internationally and many times locally I will share some of my own personal experiences with you. Read more »

UniGroup: Eastern Promise

A handful of surveys show a rising tide of Western workers heading East, writes Dallena Samara 

(This article was published in the February 2, 2012 edition of the South China Morning Post and was provided by Zachary Kever of UniGroup Worldwide UTS Shenzhen. )

The mantra 'have work, will relocate' continues to gain ground as businesses shift their focus and talent to new markets. Studies show that worker mobility is increasing - and will continue to grow over the foreseeable future. The so-called BRIC countries - Brazil, Russia, India and China - are among the new destinations for international assignments, with China leading the list of hot job destination markets. Read more »

UniGroup: How to take a Shenzhen pat overseas

UniGroup Worldwide UTS Shenzhen is a household goods moving company with our office located in Shekou at the Minghua Convention Center and our warehouse at the Shekou Port area. Our worldwide headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We are a part of the United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit group of companies. In Shenzhen we also offer assistance in exporting your pet via Hong Kong airport. Read more »

U.K. designers seek cooperation in Shenzhen

Designers from Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) hope to cooperate with teams and partners in Shenzhen through academic exchanges and business councils.

This Wednesday, in a short-term seminar with local designers, RIBA president Angela Brady clarified her intention to build stronger connection with Shenzhen, this thriving and innovating city. She hoped to establish a dialogue mechanism for designers to share innovative ideas, quality and low-carbon designs and a mutual accreditation system that makes exchanges easier.

View full article in Shenzhen Daily

Awfully Chocolate: Awfully Yummy

Awfully Chocolate is a fourteen-year-old chocolate brand from Singapore. It is founded to make extraordinary chocolate products and present people true enjoyment of chocolate. In its early years, the company produced only ice cream and cakes, but now chocolate, tea and coffee will also be available. Read more »

Sipsmith: Super Premium London Dry Gin coming today

    This afternoon we met Sam Galsworthy, marketing manager of Sipsmith Gin from London, and Daniel O’Conner and Simon Disler, two young British founders of drinks99[check whether the name starts with lower or upper case] who introduce British alcohol drinks to Shenzhen. Sipsmith is the second brand drinks99 has brought to China. As Daniel told us, drinks99 supplies the best alcohol drinks that are special enough for the Chinese market, like Sipsmith.

    Here we are pleased to introduce you Sipsmith, the multi-award winning Dry Din and renowned premium spirit from London. Read more »

Apple begins inspection in its Shenzhen supplier planet

The outcry against Apple, especially about working conditions at some of its suppliers’ factories in China, finally became too much to ignore:


Last month, Apple released the names of 156 of its suppliers. And now invites an outside organization called Fair Labor Association began to audit conditions at its supplier factory.

Apple said the group conducted its first inspections Monday in Shenzhen, Foxconn City, one of the largest factories in China. Human rights activists have long said that nearly a quarter-million workers there are subject to long hours, obligatory overtime and harsh conditions, all of which Foxconn has disputed. Read more »

IKEA Shenzhen Winter Sale

IKEA Winter Sale is coming! Feb.9th — 27th , hundreds of products are on sale with discount up to 60%! Extra off for members while swiping member card!

The over four hundred discounting commodities cover a wide range from cabinet and blanket to cups and vases. All the discounting products have the same warranty and sale service.

This sales promotion gives people a concrete reason to visit and, however captious they are, finally get suitable furniture and fitting for them. Read more »

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