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Dissatisfied with Room Checking, Man Assaults A Pregnant Nurse
Dissatisfied with Room-Checking, Man Assaults A Pregnant Nurse

In Bao’an People Hospital, a 27-year-old nurse at 14 weeks pregnant was assaulted by a man who thought her room checking at night disturbed his wife and baby. The assault, which was stopped by a lying-in woman’s husband, resulted in a perforated eardrum of the nurse, local media reported on Thursday.

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Woman Falls off and Left in Shenzhen Metro Tunnel by Train
Woman Falls off and Left in Shenzhen Metro Tunnel by Train

A woman was squeezed out of train and fell into metro tunnel in chaos when carriage doors suddenly opened. Her husband jumped off the train later, together with another man.  They were rescued at last but badly frightened, local media reported on Monday.

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A Couple Captured: Selling Indian Anticancer Drugs on Taobao

A couple was captured in Nanshan District, Shenzhen on August 19th, 2013 for selling Indian anticancer drugs illegally on Taobao, the famous Chinese online shopping website, reported.  Read more »

Shenzhen Hospital Offers Free Treatment for Boy Whose Eyes Gouged Out in Attack
 6-year-old Boy Whose Eyes Gouged Out in Attack

A 6-year-old boy from Linfen, Shanxi Province who has his eyes gouged out by a female suspect could receive free treatment offered by C-Mer (Shenzhen) Dennis Lam Eye Hospital, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported. Read more »

150 Tons of Diseased Pork Eaten by Shenzhen Citizens
Diseased Pork

150 tons of diseased pork from Maoming were sold to shenzhen, whose Oxyteracycline exceeds 12 times than the required standards, Yangcheng Evening Paper reported on August 30.

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Real-name System to Be Enforced in Phone Services
Phone Real-name System

A national regulation issued by The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires three major phone service providers - China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom - to implement the real-name system in relevant phone services by September 1st, 2013.  Read more »

15 Minutes Cross Border to Sheung Shui Is Possible
Cross Border

Since August 26, 2013 citizens can enjoy one more checkpoint between Shenzhen and Hong Kong - Wen Jin Du (Man Kam) checkpoint . It is expected to release the stress of other checkpoints significantly.

Wen Jin Du checkpoint has completed its renovation that lasts for 3 years and 8 months and costs 289 millions (USD 46.8 millions). After renovation, the visitors’ handling capacity is supposed to be 10 times larger than the old one’s, reaching 30,000 per day. Before renovation, Wen Jin Du checkpoint had 1 vehicle pass for exit and entry respectively, 8 exit visitor passes and 10 entry visitor passes. After renovation, it has 5 vehicle passes and 22 visitor passes for exit and entry respectively. Read more »

Only 29 Registered Foreign Doctors Work in the City

A report of Shenzhen Economic Daily on August 22 has revealed the existing conditions of registered foreign doctors in Shenzhen. Only 29 registered foreign doctors work in the city while 28 of them are employed by private hospitals.

In Shenzhen there are more than 20,000 doctors while only 29 of them are registered foreign doctors and 81 are from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas. Moreover, most of these registered foreign doctors merely come to the city for short-term learns. The rate is really low. The population of Shenzhen is about 10.56 millions while approximate 30,000 are expats. Even if all the foreign doctors serve expats only, 1 doctor has to be responsible for about 3,000 expats.  Read more »

RMB 100 Will Be Fined for People with Poor Aims in Using Public Urinals Shenzhen

Shenzhen government has passed a regulation called “Shenzhen Public Toilet Regulation” (non-official translation). It will be put into effective on September 1st, 2013. One item in the regulation is people who are deemed to have failed to urinate accurately in public urinals will be fined RMB 100. This has provoked ridicule and debate in China media and weibo. 

How to enforce it becomes the key point people concerned. “Does it need some inspectors? That is another ‘great’ contribution to employment rate,” wrote one poster. Another added: “If it needs to install cameras to monitor, how to protect people’s privacy?”  Read more »

Flood Destroys Farm Walls, At Least 24 Crocodiles “Prison Break”

August 17, walls of a crocodile breeding farm in Longtian town, Shantou city, Guangdong were destroyed by flood. At least 24 crocodiles have escaped and only 19 has been captured. According to the local government, no casualty has been reported, although news from Internet claimed that two people were bit.

A reporter from Nandu went to the village where the farm is located yesterday and accidentally found two crocodiles near a river, one was enjoying the sunshine and the other in the water. The reporter dialed the phone number on a warning board and about 15 minutes later two specialists came to the site. However, until the reporter left the village those two crocodiles was still at large.  Read more »

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