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Shenzhen to Allow You to Abandon Your Baby in a Baby Hatch
Baby Hatch

Shenzhen will establish the first baby hatch in Guangdong Province next year, which has caused a heated debate among citizens. Some citizens think this baby hatch encourages those irresponsible parents to abandon their babies feeling less guilty while some say it could help to improve the survival rate of those abandoned babies, local media reported. Read more »

Numerous Dead Fish Floating on the Lake of Minghu Park
Dead Fish

Countless dead fish are floating on the lake of Minghu Park in Guangming District, Shenzhen and the disgusting odours spread miles away, local media reported recently. Read more »

Brand New Terminal to Open on Nov. 28
Terminal C

Terminal A, B and Hall D at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport will be temporarily closed from 10:00 P.M. Nov 27, 2013. All night flights on that day also will be suspended until 6:00 A.M. next day that the brand new Terminal C will be officially inaugurated, according to airport authority.  Read more »

Where to Get Your Halloween Costumes in Shenzhen?
Halloween Costumes

The most exciting event in the end of October must be Halloween! As Halloween is coming, are you ready to surprise your friends with your scary costume and win applauses for the “Best Costume” in the parties? But, here comes another question: “where to get your Halloween costumes in Shenzhen”. Some famous places in Shenzhen are listed for you to get your Halloween costumes.


1) Sungang Gifts, Stationery & Toys Wholesale Market (笋岗文具批发市场)

This market is also called Sungang Warehouse (笋岗仓库) where you can get all kinds of festivals’ gifts, stationery and toys with low prices. You can find different costumes and decorations for Halloween.

Address: No.3 Bao’an Bei Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen. Read more »

CityU’s Improper Course Arrangement Aroused Quarrel btw HK and Mainland Students

A mainland under-postgraduate of City University of Hong Kong required teaching in Mandarin in a class which was supposed to be taught in Cantonese. The requirement aroused discontent of some Hong Kong classmates, and more, according to a report of local media, prompted a war of words. However, the mainland student concerned claimed that local media has exaggerated the affair in report and it was the improper course arrangement that led to the friction.

  Read more »

A 39-floor Golden Building in Luohu on Fire

October 11, at about 4:45 P.M. , a golden building with 39 floors high called Zhengshun Square in Shennan Boulevard was on fire. The fire was put down by five fire brigades. No casualty was reported. The cause is still under investigation but it is suspected that the cooling tower ignited spontaneously in air. 

  Read more »

Shenzhen, as One of Global Financial Centers, Ranks 27th in Latest GFCI Report

The Global Financial Centers Index 14 (GFCI 14) has been released in London recently. Shenzhen claims 11 places and ranks 27th in the list. Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are  only three China mainland cities among all 80 centers around the world. Hong Kong remains its top place and ranks 3rd after London and New York. 

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Huawei to Add 5,500 Jobs in Europe Following Disappointing Market Access in US
Huawei in Europe

Huawei, the world second largest maker of telecoms communication equipment, is planning to add 5,500 jobs in Europe within five years, local media reported. 

According to Patrick Zhang, the president of Huawei’s marketing and solutions, Huawei is tapping into European telecoms markets by providing information technology solutions to European enterprises. The turnover generated by the business venture is expected to reach $1 billion in the next 3 to 5 years. Localization seems to be one of key strategies when Huawei marches towards Europe.  Read more »

New Qianhai Talent Policy Facilitates Green Card Application for Foreign Talents

An Interim Measure for Administration of the Foreign High-Level Talents' Residence in Qianhai has been issued by Shenzhen government in oder to facilitate the residence of foreign talents and attract more foreign talents to work in this Shenzhen “Manhattan”, which is expected to be completed around 2020. 

The policy mainly includes three parts - Availability of Residence, Long-term Residence and Permanent Residence for foreign hight-level talents and their spouse and children who are under 18 years old. Read more »

Shenzhen Bar Desecrates Memory of World Trade Center Victims by Throwing 9/11 Party
9/11 Party

We have seen a lot of party concepts posted on our site in the 12 years it has been running, but the most offensive party concept seems to go to the Angel Baby Bar which held a Read more »

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