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Vera Tse's blog

Experience our Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Event (VIDEO)
Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club

“Thanks for organizing such a good event!”

“You guys really did a good job. I really enjoyed it. Thanks”

“I loved it and I had a good night. Thank you!”

These are most inspiring words and words I most heard when our guests leave with smiles after each Wine and Cheese Event. These make our whole-month-long efforts worthy. Read more »

How to Write and Say "Shenzhen" in Chinese Character?

Shenzhen (深圳, in Chinese), one of Special Economic Zones of China, is a modern and major city in Guangdong Province.

The origin of the name "Shenzhen" can be traced back to the year of 1410. According to the dialect, "圳" refers to a ditch in the field and "深" can be an adjective and equal to "deep" in English. It is said that at the ancient time, there was a deep ditch beside the village. Gradually, people started to call this place "Shenzhen". Read more »

Expats Can Enjoy Services from International Medical Centre of HKU - Shenzhen Hospital
International Medical Centre

The international medical centre of The University of Hong Kong - Shenzhen Hospital was open to the public on Nov. 5, 2013. This centre is specially set for expats in Shenzhen who usually are hard to find a hospital in Shenzhen that can provide International-level medical services and services in English. Chinese citizens can also make reservations there too, but the medical fee could not be paid by medical insurance. Read more »

Best Hotpot Restaurants in Town

Winter in Shenzhen is getting colder and colder these days. Eating hotpot with friends undoubtedly is a fun and yummy thing to do. I want to introduce you some of my favorite hotpot restaurants in town here. If you like them, add them to your food and drink’s list. Read more »

A 2000-Pound Unexploded WWII Bomb Unearthed in WanChai, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Bomb

(The photo is from Xinhua Net, taken by Li Peng)

On February 6, an unexploded bomb that is believed to be left by the US army during World War II was found at a hotel construction site in WanChai, prompting an evacuation of more than 2,000 people nearby, local media reported.  Read more »

Festive Goods in Shenzhen
Festive Goods

Chinese new year is coming. One of the traditional customs is festive goods shopping, which is much similar to Christmas shopping. In Chinese, we call it "Ban Nian Huo" (办年货). Hostesses will use these goods to treat their guests. They also make for a merry atmosphere.

Where to buy these festive goods in Shenzhen?

1. Supermarkets

You can buy those festive goods in most supermarkets in Shenzhen like Walmart, Jusco and Carrefour, etc..

**2. Read more »

Guangdong Biggest Drug Village Busted; 3 Tons of Crystal Meth Seized, 182 Arrested
Boshe raid

(Photo from Reuters - Police was carrying the crystal meth in the massive raid in Boshe village, Lufeng.)

December 29, 3,000 Guangdong police, together with speedboats and helicopters, raided Boshe village, Lufeng city, the notorious drug production and trafficking area. About 3 tons of crystal meth or “Ice”, 260 kilograms of narcotic ketamine powder and 23 tons of raw materials for drug production were seized, with 182 suspects are arrested.  Read more »

High-speed Train between Xiamen and Shenzhen Launches Today
shenzhen-shanghai high-speed rail

After six years’ construction, the high-speed train between Xiamen and Shenzhen launches today. The first train - D2286 - departing from Shenzhen North to Hongqiao, Shanghai starts to run at 9:55 A.M. December 28th. It only takes passengers 12 hours and 17 minutes to complete the whole journey.  Read more »

Live Poultry Markets Shut for Sterilization
Live Poultry Markets Shut for Sterilization

After confirmation of the first H7N9 human case in Shenzhen on December 19th, Guangdong Industry and Commerce Administration has issued an order to disinfect all live poultry markets regularly.  Read more »

New Seaworld Plaza, New Shekou Hub
seaworld plaza

In 2003, Seaworld Plaza was opened known as Shenzhen’s first International entertainment hub. Ten years later, a brand-new Seaworld Plaza, as the core commercial area of Seaworld Urban Complex, is going to embrace its reopening after complete renovation. The new Seaworld Plaza featuring international, fashionable, exotic and leisurely dynamics is expected to regain its glory. 

The new Seaworld Plaza covers a total commercial area of 67,000 square meters including three parts - Minghua ship, Central Plaza and ABC zones. 

Read more »

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