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Summer Zhuang's blog

Shenzhen Post: Shenzhen Wins 12 National Patent Awards

Shenzhen Post has an article:

"Director Conference of State Intellectual Property Office was held Monday in Beijing, which revealed the selection results of the 185 items of awards of the 11th China Patent Golden Prize. Shenzhen, who has won two “Golden Prizes” and ten “Outstanding Prizes”, becomes the biggest winner in this selection."

ATW Daily News:Shenzhen reports huge full-year profit increase

ATW Daily News has an article

"Shenzhen Airlines earned a net profit of CNY500 million ($73.1 million) last year, nearly 20 times the CNY26 million surplus posted in 2008.

Shenzhen Daily: Smart card now even smarter
Shenzhen Daily has an article:

"SHENZHEN travelers can top up Octopus card with credit cards issued by Bank of China from Tuesday when the two companies entered a partnership.

    Tuesday’s ceremony to sign the agreement marked the first step for Octopus Cards Limited to expand into the mainland market."

China Daily: Baidu to build Int'l headquarters
China Daily has an article by Xinhua Agency

"World's largest Chinese search engine signed Monday an agreement with Shenzhen city government to build its international headquarters in this boomtown of southern Guangdong province."

reminder: pickpocketing on the rise when Chinese new year comes

With the Chinese new year coming soon, we would like to kindly remind our users of pickpocketing possible in the public places. Since the theft cases frequently occur during the new year vacation. Have a wonderful year!

Shenzhen Daily: ‘Apple copied our iPad:’ Shenzhen firm

Shenzhen Daily has an article:

A SHENZHEN company accused Apple Inc. of copying the design of the
newly released iPad after the American company unveiled the tablet
computer Wednesday.

    Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial
Co. — maker of the Chinese device, which resembles an over-sized iPhone

Shenzhen Daily: Bigger buses to ease congestion

Shenzhen Daily has an article by Han Ximin

"SHENZHEN Bus Group added 10 jumbo buses to its M201 route to ease congestion for commuters during the evening rush hour between Huaqiangbei and Meilin Checkpoint on Friday."

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Shenzhen Daily: Showtime for painters

Shenzhen Daily has an article by SD-Agencies

Artists paint at a square in Dafen Oil Painting Village in Longgang District, Shenzhen, on Thursday.

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Shenzhen Daily: Mist, haze shroud city

Shenzhen Daily has an article Wang Yuanyuan

A HUMID southwesterly airstream brought dense mist to Shenzhen on Thursday afternoon, the city’s meteorological observatory said.

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Shenzhen Daily: Apple unveils new tablet computer, the iPad
Shenzhen Daily has article:

APPLE chief executive Steve Jobs revealed the culture-changing company’s latest must-have device, a touchscreen tablet computer anointed the “iPad.”

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