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Winners Announced for "Saturday Night Rewind" Contest

Dear Attendees,


Thank you for participating in ShenzhenParty's contest! Below are the names of the winners who get to go to the Saturday Night Rewind concert:


Tal Rickards

Chris Chambers 

Baptiste C.

Joffroy Benji Dargenton



Stay tuned for the next contest ;)


Thank you again,

ShenzhenParty Team


Shenzhen from the Air

Found an awesome video of Shenzhen from the air! Couldn't be prouder of the city I live in! :)



Win Tickets to the Concert for HK 7s: Saturday Night Rewind

Blowing the roof off Hong Kong with all your favourite hits from the 80s and 90s, featuring American Hip Hop trio De La Soul live on stage, supported by legendary Disco Funk DJs the Uptown Rockers and The Cuban Brothers. To see "Saturday Night Rewind" details, please click here


How to win? 

Simply click Question and comment on it (don't forget to login first).


Note: Read more »

20 New Restaurants Come to Sea World, Shekou

Photograph by Alfred Chan


Baia. Restaurant. Bar. Grill

Lovers of beauty and lifestyle, direct your sails to BAIA. Restaurant. Bar. Grill, the absolute darling pearl of Seaworld’s marina bay. Dive into a sea of authentic Mediterranean flavours with only the freshest ingredients and spices we have to offer.

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Winner Announced for Avril Lavigne's Shenzhen Concert

Dear Attendees,


Thank you for participating in ShenzhenParty's contest! Below is the name of the winner who gets to go to the Avril Lavigne's Shenzhen Concert:


Christoph Clever

Congratulations, Christoph :D

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Shenzhen Emergency and Important Phone Numbers

Image by


Below are the phone numbers you might find useful when an emergence arises.

Occasion Phone Number
Police/Fire/Traffic Police 匪警、火警、交通事故报警 110
Fire 火警 119
Traffic Accidents 交通事故报警 122
Ambulance 医疗急救 120
Forest Fire 森林火警 95119
Maritime Search and Rescue 水上搜救专用电话 12395
Phone Number Search 电话号码查询 114
Directory Assistance 信息咨询服务热线 160
Emergency Report 电话报障 112
Time Information 报时服务 117
Weather Forecast 天气预报 121

Winners Announced for Sarah Brightman HK Concert

Dear Attendees,


Thank you for participanting in ShenzhenParty's contest! Here are the names of the winners who get the tickets to Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser World Tour Hong Kong 2014:


Miranda Jane

Chris Chambers



Thank you all very much again! Stay with us for more contests and fun! :)


ShenzhenParty Team 

Shenzhen University Campus Life
Shenzhen University Campus Life


There are ten canteens and restaurants on the campus providing Chinese, Korean, western and Islamic foods; Outside the campus there are all kinds of Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Mexican and Thai Islam restaurants within ten minutes ride.


Photograph by Veronika Solaris

The International students’ dormitory is elegantly and harmoniously embedded in the colorful woods and lawns by the Wenshan Lake. Those who do not like to live on campus may choose to rent apartments with reasonable charge in the nearby community. Read more »

2019 SZU Admission Brochure for International Students Master Programs
Full Time Mandarin Language Course

一、招生专业 Master Programs

(一)中文授课专业Programs Taught in Chinese

  1. 土木工程学院 College of Civil Engineering

土木工程Civil Engineering

建筑与土木工程Architecture and Civil Engineering

交通运输工程Transportation Engineering

  1. 管理学院College of Management

工商管理Management in Business Administration

公共管理Management in Public Administration

管理科学与工程Management in Management Science and Engineering

  1. 机电与控制工程学院College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering

机械工程Mechanical Engineering

控制科学与工程Control Science and Engineering

  1. 美术与设计学院College of Art and Design

艺术设计(方向:产品、服装、环境、视觉传达、数字媒体与动画;需要专业测试)Art and Design (Research direction: Product Design, Fashion Design, Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Animation Design; Specialized test is required)

5. Read more »

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