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Rose Symotiuk's blog

Old World Pavilion Wine Event Review

Last Friday, April 9th, we joined the Old World Pavilion, an event of fancy wine tasting at the Futian Hilton. Vendors included Haideng Merchants, Vignobles Fabris, Hellenic Agora, Quality Wine Hungary, and Actium - Wine Specialist. As wine becomes more and more popular in China, events like these are being held more frequently. It's a great way to learn about new wines available in the Guangdong area, as the average wine drinker in the city becomes more sophisticated.

How I Met Your Father – Love in 1980s China

While watching the American TV show “How I Met Your Mother,” I asked my mom how she met my father.

“Why do you want to know that? It is not romantic at all,” she asked.

“Oh, come on, I just want to hear your story,” I replied. Read more »

Huge American-style Outlet Mall in Dameisha

Did you know there was a huge outlet mall in Dameisha?  Includes GAP, Mark Jacobs, Max & Co, Espirit, Nike, New Balance, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Ecco, Columbia, Levi's, and a bazillion other places.  It's very close to the Sheraton Dameisha Hotel.  You can see some more photos, get directions, and see the store directory here.

  Read more »

Let’s Go Ride a Bike!

By Bronwen Shelwell from Love, Shenzhen


Shenzhen Public Bike Rental 101

So, after putting it off for weeks as all of my friends bought bicycles and waxed lyrical about impressive plans to ride out to majestic reservoirs, I finally caved and found out how to rent a bicycle in Shenzhen. Read more »

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