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TAPS Brings a Gastro Pub, Brewery, Roasterie Fusion to Shenzhen China
Taps in CoCo Park Offers an in house brewery, roasterie and full kitchen

The Need for Unique Bar Experience for the Shenzhen Area

Bars and Pubs are not necessarily a new thing to Shenzhen and if you are going to start a business in the alcohol industry, you will quickly find that your competition is a vast amount of locations within 5 square miles – all competing for the same customers and trying to find their niche audience. That said, not just any bar can survive in Shenzhen without a unique niche. Luckily, TAPS has a unique culture that combines a brewery with fresh in - house roasted coffee and a chef-driven kitchen. This brings not only a location that serves home-brewed drinks but has a very diverse food menu and possibly some of the best coffee you’ll ever try in the Futian area. Read more »

An Interview with Nino - Chef at Blue Italian Seafood & Grill Restaurant
An Interview with Nino - Chef at Blue Italian Seafood & Grill Restaurant

The Pasta Craze in China

Shenzhen China is a rapidly growing city and is slowly becoming more and more diverse as many migrate from their home countries to seek a better life in the ever-growing Chinese economy. This spanks much diversity within the local culture as new ideas from other countries spawn new restaurants, bars and other international forms of entertainment.

One culture that is quickly growing in China is the Italian culture. Many Chinese owned restaurants are now offering pasta, pizza and their own versions of spaghetti, or lasagna. This craze was started when many Italians moved into China bringing their pasta dishes with them and leading five star restaurants. Read more »

Mobike Brings Bike-Sharing Services to Shenzhen
Mobike Kick Starts the Bike Rental Industry in China

The Rise of Smart Cities Read more »

Project 0/1 Brings White Collar Boxing to Shenzhen
Fighters and staff celebrate first White Collar Boxing event at the Hilton

The Start of a New Gym Concept

Shenzhen is quickly becoming a place of diverse entertainment rivaling the other great cities of China. This can be in part by its growing diversity as many expats come from all parts of the world to build a life in this young and growing city.  When you have a flood of multiple cultures into any city, it will begin to spawn a unique and diverse culture of restaurants, bars, pubs, schools and gyms are formed to cater to the needs of the new residents. John, the Founder of Project 0/1, has a similar story.

  Read more »

A Must Try Pig Roast at George & Dragon British Pub
George and Dragon British Pub in Shekou Shenzhen China

Bringing British Love to Shenzhen China

Lets face it, if your new to China, you probably have had the “meltdown” that many foreigners experience when they realize many of the home style staple foods are no where to be found and the restaurants who try to offer it will introduce what would appear to be a bad copy or desperate attempt. Almost like the copy eggs you can find in China (yes they exist) that may have the outside look but you’ll quickly there’s nothing “egg” about it upon first bite (speaking of personal experience here). Read more »

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