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nathaniel johnson's blog

New South Indian Menu at Indian Cottage
New South Indian Dishes by Indian Cottage

Vincent came to Shenzhen working for a trading company and starting his own trade company which he did for 18 years before pursuing his passion for food. After having a restaurant in HK started the Indian Cottage with his friend Ivan. Many who have come to eat at Indian Cottage, have testified of the friendly environment and optimal service they receive as well as the delicious North Indian dishes such as their Chicken 65, Tikka Masalas.  These dishes are cooked by one of the four Indian chefs who work at Indian Cottage so you know that the dish you get is made by a native chef who understands the spices and flavors that go into each particular dish.  Read more »

Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea
Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea

 As Shenzhen China continues to grow and diversify, cultural fusion can be seen more and more in our restaurants, schools and hotels. Even now many hotels are offering a western style brunch now on Sundays while bars and pubs are beginning to allow the British Sunday Roast to reach the European expats in the Shenzhen area. One concept that I have found to be slowly growing in the Shenzhen area is the concept of Afternoon Tea.

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Shop "True Organic" Meats and Vegetables by Pristine Farms
Pristine Farms offered true organic vegetables and meats for delivery

The Search for Honest Organic Produce in Shenzhen China


If you are like me and you are new to China, there are certain types of food that you will quickly find are really hard to find here. For me personally, my biggest hurdle was finding fresh organic veggies and meats that were actually “fresh” and “organic.” I have run into many companies who claimed that they were but weren’t, in fact, the opposite. Usually, my local friends can tell me what is fresh and what is not but even they have a hard time explaining to me if something is in fact “organic” vs. just freshly harvested.

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Texas Style Bull Rides, Drinks and Steaks at Rucker Bar
Rucker Bar brings a Tex-Mex Style Bar and Grill to Shenzhen China

Growing Fusion Craze Now in Shenzhen China

Jazzy Sunday Brunch at Duke's of The Langham, Shenzhen
Langham's Dukes provides a chef driven Sunday Brunch with Live Jazz

Taking Sunday Brunch to a New Level with Classic Jazz

Shenzhen is fast becoming a hub of fine dining as many expats seeking new opportunities flood in from France, Italy, Mexico and all over the world. This has sparked a rise in Shenzhen’s diversity thus, giving birth to a wide range of foreign restaurants uniquely themed to fit your preference.   Read more »

The 'Nino" Experience at BLUE, Venice Hotel
At BLUE, dining is more then just an eating experience, but a life experience

When Food Becomes an Experience

If you have been around Shenzhen China a bit, you will quickly notice that finding something to fill your stomach with is not hard. Shenzhen is overcrowded with street vendors selling everything from fried bread, pork fat and roasted potatoes to steaks, roasted chickens, and kababs. Restaurants are on every street corner competing with one another to the point where finding a place to eat becomes difficult – not due to the lack of choice – but due to too many choices to choose from.

Street Foodies Read more »

E.T.Brewery Offers Western Ale with a Chinese Twist
E.T Brewery Offers European Ale with a Chinese Flare

Fusion Brewery Combines Asian Influence with Western Ale

In Shenzhen China, there is a sudden rise of educated drinkers sparked by the culture of breweries such as Taps and Fubar who have brought into China many western style beers and unique flavors. Usually if your thinking of going out and trying a new fresh brewed Irish Ale, you would look towards a Pub or Western Brewery typically owned by an expat who has decided to bring the tastes they enjoy the Shenzhen area. This helps to build up the diverse range of international flavors allowing expats to have access to flavors they love as well as  introducing new flavors to local Chinese who may want to expand their palate Read more »

Brunch by the Beach at Sheraton Dameisha Resort
Brunch by the Beach at Sheraton Dameisha Resort

Shenzhen China’s Beach Scene. Read more »

TASTE MOMENT Brings Authentic High-End French Dining to Shenzhen, China
Taste Moment: Modern French Restaurant with High Quality Natural Dining

The Rise of High End Dining Restaurants in Shenzhen

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