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Monica Zhou's blog

1 climber dead, 2 missing in Nepal

shenzhendaily has an article named "1 climber dead, 2 missing in Nepal" by Li Hao, Wei Jie.

ANOTHER Shenzhen climber has been reported missing one day after a Shenzhen Airlines pilot was reported to have died scaling a Himalayan mountain in Nepal on Thursday, according to Chinese-language newspapers.

Billionaire educator accused of raping intern

shenzhendaily has an article named "Billionaire educator accused of raping intern" by Helen Deng.

THE president of well-known training organization, Sunmoon Education Group, was accused of raping a female intern at his home, Chinese-language newspapers reported yesterday.

Airport bonded center passes assessment

shenzhendaily has an article named "Airport bonded center passes assessment" by Han Ximin, Ding Xiaoshu.

THE Shenzhen Airport Bonded Logistics Center has passed assessment by Central Government agencies and will open soon.

The first phase of this key logistics project is located at Shenzhen Airport Logistics Park and occupies 115,000 square meters.

Missing 4-year-old girl returns home

shenzhendaily has an article named "Missing 4-year-old girl returns home" by SD News.

A TODDLER who went missing Sunday was found yesterday.

ICIF sub venues vie for limelight

shenzhendaily has an article named "ICIF sub venues vie for limelight" by Tina Chen.

A NUMBER of subvenues of the Sixth China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) opened yesterday, competing for attention as the ICIF cultural feast approaches.

Ceramics subvenue

Killian sees top SZ Universiade

shenzhendaily has article named "Killian sees top SZ Universiade" by Li Hao.

“YOU are the best because you are the last,” George E. Killian, president of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), told a group of reporters at Wuzhou Guest House yesterday.

Architecture and Design's New Hot Spots: Hong Kong and Shenzhen has an article named "Architecture and Design's New Hot Spots: Hong Kong and Shenzhen" by Aric Chen. Read more »

The Other China Pavilion has an article named "The Other China Pavilion" by Southern Metropolis Daily. Read more »

Octopus Hopes to Expand in China has an article named "Octopus Hopes to Expand in China" by Jonathan Cheng.

HONG KONG—Over the past 12 years, Hong Kong's ubiquitous "Octopus card" has brought cashless payment to every facet of this city's life, allowing people to ride subways, pay phone bills and buy groceries with the wave of a small plastic card.

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