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Monica Zhou's blog

A Starry Night over Italy- ZONIN Wine Dinner at Sheraton Dameisha Resort

The Capri Italian restaurant is here to treat you another lovely night with fine wine dinner at Sheraton Dameisha Resort.

Provided by ZONIN family, a winery of seven generations on the green land of the Veneto region, Italy, Capri will welcome you with a Prosecco DOC, delight your palate with Ripasso, and all the way into the velvety of Amarone della Valpolicella. Read more »

Poster contest invites designers

shenzhendaily has an article named "Poster contest invites designers" by Li Hao.

LOCAL artists are being invited to design posters for a competition sponsored by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

The competition is seeking images that illustrate what is unique about the seven cities in the network: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Kobe, Montreal, Nagoya, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Thai Amarin in Shekou is Coming Back!!

Long term Shekou and Shenzhen residents are delighted to see the return of Thai Amarin restaurant to Shekou. Read more »

Lei Dou Hong Kong Bar & Lounge

Lei dou bar with it's charming, classy & victorian interior, opens from 5pm till late. With it's live band on every Wednesday & House DJ from Thrusday through saturday up lifts the crowd. The clientle is very friendly and loyal, mixed of expats and educated locals. Read more »

Eco-taxis cost cabbies fares

shenzhendaily has an article named "Eco-taxis cost cabbies fares" by SD-Agencies.

THE city’s new electric taxis look so different from the more usual VW Santana cabs that they are being shunned by passengers and even chased away by checkpoint staff who suspect them of being unlicensed taxis.

This Coming Weekend! Beach Volleyball Competition and Pageant at Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach!

There's a Beach Volleyball Competition and Pageant at Shenzhen’s Dameisha Beach this coming Saturday and Sunday. Check out more information below about this for your passionate weekend!

May 29th to 30th and June 5th to 6th

Dameisha Haibin Park, Shenzhen 深圳大梅沙海滨公园
9 Yanmei Lu, Yantian District, Shenzhen 深圳市盐田区盐梅路9号

Phone Number:
0755 2506 2323 Read more »

BYD's Electric Taxis Hit Shenzhen's Streets has an article named "BYD's Electric Taxis Hit Shenzhen's Streets" by G.E. Anderson, who is a China specialist, former CFO, and PhD Candidate in Political Science at UCLA. His research focuses on state-owned enterprises, corporate governance and China's auto industry. Read more »

Shenzhen hit by lightning 683 times in 8 hours has an article named "Shenzhen hit by lightning 683 times in 8 hours" by Jia Xu, and photo by Daily Sunshine.

Lightning lit up the sky 683 times within 8 hours over Shenzhen with accompanying heavy rains, on Wednesday evening, a local newspaper reported Thursday.

Water diversion project opens

shenzhendaily has an article named "Water diversion project opens" by Han Ximin.

THE city’s Northern Line water diversion project was officially opened yesterday and is expected to relieve a water shortage for millions of people in the northwestern subdistricts in Bao’an and Longgang.

More inter-city links planned

shenzhendaily has an article named "More inter-city links planned" by Mu Zi.

CONSTRUCTION of eight inter-city expressways will top the agenda for Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou governments this year to realize the goal of a “seamless” transport integration in the three cities, a meeting was told Monday.

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