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How to Get the Most Out of Your Life in Shenzhen

Shenzhen: The Book remains the go-to resource for everything you need to take advantage of all that Shenzhen has to offer.

You can still get yourself a fresh copy of The Book at 50% of the cover price. Why? Because the book just launched and you're a reader. So, since this site is the publisher, we wanted to hook you up.

To get a better idea of what you'll be able to access within the book, below is an excerpt about the Tomb of Song Shao Di: Read more »

Q & A With Authors of "Shenzhen: The Book"
Author Interview Shenzhen: The Book just published a new guidebook about Shenzhen titled, Shezhen: The Book.

The project was a colossal effort by longtime Shenzhen residents Ted and Karen Rule. The book covers everything you'd want to know about traveling and living in Shenzhen.

To find out more about how the book was created we sat down with Karen and Ted to discover more about their writing process and their passion for Shenzhen.

When did you start travelling?

Shenzhen: The Book Now Available on
travel gude to shenzhen

SHENZHEN RESIDENTS, Business travelers, expats, adventurers, backpackers, Hong Kong day-trippers, and any other Shenzhen visitor seeking quality English information about Shenzhen can now breathe a sigh of relief. Read more »

Nairobi to Shenzhen [Book Reveiw]
Nairobi to Shenzhen



“China occupies my mind at first like a hazy image

of people and places —

distant, in some hidden valley

of my consciousness...

And the women are another story.

Can I have Chinese girlfriends Read more »

Shenzhen A - Z, from Shenzhen: The Book
Shenzhen A to Z

SHENZHEN: THE BOOK will take you beyond the alphabet and help you discover some of the supercalafragalistic corners of the city.

With that said, we've all got to begin our adventures from somehwere; without getting grammatical, lets pretend we're back in preschool and go on an A to Z journey of random samplings pulled from Shenzhen: The Book

Read more »

Want To Step Up Your Shenzhen? You Need To Read 'Shenzhen: The Book'
Ultimate Guide to Shenzhen

I was already in Shenzhen when I heard about The Book.

I’d actually been in town for nearly a year.

I thought I knew it all--how to locate the best tailors for custom made clothes, what to do when out to eat, Shenzhen's absence of history and other naïve illusions.

How was I to know?

The truth is, The Book revealed my illusion of understanding and brought clarity to to what I didn’t know.

Did this book level me up?


There are better ways to deal with your custom clothes-maker, or tailor... Read more »

Peak Inside, Shenzhen: The Book
tome about shenzhen asian history

If you haven't noticed, launched thier first non-web publication: Shenzhen: The Book

The e-book goes beyond your simple travel guide book and provides a wealth of historical, cultural and social context that will enhance anyone's experience and apprecitation of Shenzhen, the city. Read more »

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