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I Want My Life Back

If you don’t know what this means then you probably don’t have the problem (via). Read more »

Chinese Culture 101 | Part 8 – Practical Tips

This post is the last of a series exploring Chinese culture. To get up to speed see the links at the bottom of this page for more.

When working with Chinese teams/partners here are some practical tips which will hopefully make things a little smoother: Read more »

Chinese Culture 101 | Part 7 – Differences

This post is part of a series exploring Chinese culture. See the links at the bottom of this page for more.

Having explored some of the main concepts in Chinese thinking the table below summarises the key differences between eastern and western cultural values: Read more »

Shenzhen Daily: Surfing at XichongSZ’s best-kept secret

The Shenzhen Daily has an article about Surfing at Xichong SZ’s best-kept secret. By Wang Jiexi

Shenzhen Daily: Laugh out loud, nothing’s sacred here

The Shenzhen Daily has a review of Tuesday's Punchline Comedy show at the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen.

by Cao Zhen:

RARELY had Shenzhen seen a comedian telling jokes in multiple languages in one set, but Sugar Sammy did that Wednesday night — and a whole lot more.

In Search of a Perfect Lychee Martini

Now that we are in Lychee Season we are searching for Shenzhen's best Lychee Martini. So far we have tasted one at Ritz-Carlton Shenzhen's new Curv bar which turned out to be over priced and not made properly. Read more »

Champs Launches Stella Artois Loyalty Program

Champs Bar & Grill offers a new loyalty program for Stella Artois. Check out the table above. The more you drink the cheaper it gets with the fourth one free. Read more »

New Band BOZZ starts at V Bar tonight

Tonight the V Bar welcomes their new band BOZZ. All members come from Sydney Australia. Be the first to see the new band and buy comedy tickets at V Bar tonight (6/16). View BOZZ Band Event Flyer

Shenzhen Daily: Go ahead, laugh
Read about the comedians coming to perform on June 23rd in the Shenzhen Daily:
The Shenzhen Daily and have invited three comedians, Indo-Canadian Sugar Sammy, New Zealander Al Pitcher and Briton Stephen Grant, to perform stand-up routines at Crowne Plaza Shenzhen next week.
Read Full Article in Shenzhen Daily View More Comedy Show Info
Swine Flu H1N1 Links and Checklists for Prepardness

Now that there is one confirmed case of swine flu in Hong Kong. Here are some resources to keep updated and help prepare your business and inform your staff:

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