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Shenzhen to Build a Characteristic Petition Hall

On September 4, Deputy Secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Liu Yupu hosted and held the Standing Committee Members Meeting, discussing and deploying the work related to the letters and visits from people under the new situation. Member of Standing Committee of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, Deputy Secretary [...]

Over 50 aircrafts to be put in Shenzhen within 5 years

Five years since now, Hainan Airlines Group (hereafter shorted as“Hainan Airlines”) will launch 50 aircrafts in Shenzhen. On September 3, Hainan Airlines and Shenzhen Airport signed Strategic Cooperation Frame Agreement in Haikou City in Hainan.
According to the Agreement, there will be at least 20 stay-over aircrafts and 6 wide-bodied aircrafts that will be put [...]

I feel good after helped Davaid

It was lucky that I met the functionary of the And he gave me a chance to serve his individual website. Honestly, as my view, he is an impressive man who can give people power and exceptional idea. Only half of  the afternoon, i have learnt a lot from him. He is also a volunteer [...]

Shenzhen Metro’s scientific achievement expected to be promoted

At the time that Shenzhen Metro Line No.3 was greeting the getting-off-line of its demonstration vehicles, the Acceptance Review Meeting held by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in Shenzhen examined and approved the subject of “Research and Development of the Safety Ensuring System for Urban Railway Traffic System”jointly completed by Shenzhen Metro Line [...]

Building The Perfect Company

If you were to start your own company how would it look? Would you create it along the traditional lines of a corporate enterprise or try something a little different? Anyone who has worked in an office can tell you how depressing an environment some can be but in an age of digital connectivity does it really have to be this way? Read more »

What Would You Change?

By the looks of this picture sent to me today continues to increase in popularity and gain new audiences Read more »

Why America Is No Better Than China

The west loves to bash China over its lack of freedom of speech but as with all stories there are two sides to the coin, and in this particular case one side has been massively overlooked. Let’s look at the facts - Read more »

Charlies USA store in central walk closed

Why did it close?

Surely there are enough expats in the coco park area?

Was the rent too expensive?

Was it promoted enough?

Write your theories, thoughts and alternative places to buy Macaroni and Cheese in the comments below.

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