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Shenzhen’s CPI down by 2.5% in August

The survey data announced by Shenzhen Investigation Team of the State Statistical Bureau shows that, in August, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Shenzhen residents continues its downward trend, down by 2.5% compared with the same period of last year. The Team Leader of Shenzhen Investigation Team, Kong Ailing said when interviewed by the journalist [...]

Central African President: Expect Cooperation with Shenzhen

Arriving in Beijing starting his state visit to China on September 9, Bozizé flied to Shenzhen after closing his visit to Yunnan on September 13. During the time in Shenzhen, Bozizé visited Huawei Technology Co., Ltd and ZTE Corporation and met Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Zhuo Qinrui.
Bozizé said on the meeting that Central Africa now [...]

A Shenzhen plutocrat spend 10 thousand for a home tutor

To employ a full-time home tutor for his 14 year-old son, who is at his second year of middle school, the boss of a hi-tech corporation in Shenzhen held a mysterious “exam”in a villa at Guanlanhu Golf Course, carrying out interview and written examination for four graduates who had passed the preliminary exam. The boss [...]

Former Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Now a billionaire

In the 1980s, the tide of government officials plunging into the commercial sea swept China and great changes took place on many people’s fates with many people succeed and many failed. 23 years ago, the Vice Mayor of Shenzhen at that time, Ye Chenghai gave up his official post and went into business. 23 years [...]

Shenzhen to build five main bases for banking industry

Financial industry is the pillar industry of Shenzhen. How to promote the development of the financial industry, contributing to the concept of constructing financial city center for Shenzhen? On the Cooperation Summit among Banks held yesterday, Chief of China (Shenzhen) Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), Liu Yuan for the first time talked about the “strategic concept [...]

Shenzhen’s First Industry Fair to be held in late October

2009 China (Shenzhen) International Industry Fair (hereafter shorted as “Shenzhen Industry Fair”) will be held in Shenzhen on October 22 to October 25 this year.
Jointly hosted by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, China Chamber of International Commerce and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government with the theme of “material purchase, products dealing, technology exchange, [... Read more »

Shenzhen Daily: SZ 3rd on Best Commercial Cities list

The Shenzhen Daily has an article about Shenzhen making it to Forbes Best Commercial Cities list:

    SHENZHEN was ranked third on this year’s Forbes Best Commercial Cities on the Chinese mainland list released Monday.

Liang Daoxing Investigated the Purchasing Center of Shenzhen Government

On the afternoon of September 8, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Commission and Chief of the Executive Board of Shenzhen Universiade, Liang Daoxing, leading a team, visited the Purchasing Center of Shenzhen Government and made investigation on the problems of the governmental purchasing for the Universiade. Liang Daoxing said during the investigation that the governmental purchasing [...]

The “Shenzhen Universiade”won the international sailboat racing

On September 5, through great efforts, Shenzhen Universiade’s sailboat fleets had made excellent performance on the first day of 2009 International Sailboat Racing when the fleets had made two victories, temporarily ahead.
This Race is sponsored by Chinese Yachting Association and Rizhao Municipal Government with a term of three days, which will be held at [...]

Shenzhen’s modern household electrical appliance base completed

According to relevant side, Shenzhen’s modern household electrical appliance gathering base- Lianchuang Electronics Town was completed in Longgang district in Shenzhen on September 5.
It is said that the base occupies an area of 991105.72 square meters with a construction areas of 150000 square meters, which is not only one of the nine industries gathering [...]

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