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A Boom City Photo Story - Shenzhen

A forum post highlighting images a long the development of Shenzhen. Click below to watch the development unfold.

Read: A Boom City story - Shenzhen

Shenzhen Speed in Architecture

Here is an article trying to define the terms of Shenzhen Speed in terms of architecture from the year 2000. I don't think the pace has slowed any since then.

Read: shenzhen speed© Unit of abrupt growth.

The fastest growing citiy in the world~~Shenzhen

I'm not sure that this headlines is actually true but the photos at this link make it look like it is. If you dig deep into this forum thread you will see pictures of Shenzhen as it changes throughout the years.

Forum Post: Read more »

Classifieds Update New InBox Feature

Email is not the most reliable medium. Sometimes when we send classified responses, they don't make it to their destination for various reasons. That is why we have created a new "InBox" where you can check responses to your ads and reply to those responses. Read more »

Donghu Park Car Ride


Monorail Ride from Windows of the World

Last time I took the Monorail in Shenzhen it was expensive and not that useful. Watch this youtube video and you get the same effect. Read more »

Entrepreneurship in Shenzhen

According to a survey of an unknown number of people 10.49 percent of those surveyed in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, had opened their own company. This is compared to 5.01 percent in Shanghai. I don't know how accurate the surveys are but I have the intuition from living here that it is the case. The full story is below. Read more »

Open Position: Sales engineer

Synergic industry inc is has ten years experience in OEM industry, we are equipped to make all of the tooling & molds in house and all necessary equipments for metal fabrication and molding plastic production, 95% of our products is for export to US market. Now we need an experienced sales engineer for our growing sales in the US market. Read more »

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