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admin's blog Review be.ez LE vertigo by Shenzhen based Company

The French brand Be.ez, which has also an operation office in Shenzhen,
had a positive review in Macworld for their latest bag LE vertigo.

CrunchGear in Shenzhen: Seeing Where the Tech Sausage Is Made

Gadget website CrunchGear editor John Biggs stopped by Shenzhen last week. We caught up with him for a drink at Club Viva. Read more » Cabin BBQ: Obama's half-brother barbecues us to euphoria featured Cabin BBQ the restaurant part owned by Barak Obama's half brother Mark Ndesandjo, long term Shenzhen resident and now book author. Read more »

Comedy Coming Back Again November 10th

Shenzhen will laugh again on November 10th with 3 new comedians. Mark your calendars, time date, place will be announces. Sponsorship opportunities are available please email [email protected] if you are interested in reaching an affluent expat audience. Read more »

Brazilian Canrival around the Beach
Last Sept 19, Intercontinental, Shenzhen held the Brazilian Carnaval by the Beach event.  The following is a video of the event highlights.
Commercial Insurance Brought into Shenzhen’s Overall Reform Plan

To push the reforming and opening-up of Shenzhen’s insurance industry to a new level, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and Shenzhen Committee of Communist Party and Shenzhen Municipal Government further confirmed the position of Shenzhen’s insurance industry in the new round reform and development as well as the national insurance industry’s development recently that Shenzhen would [...]

Shenzhen and Hong Kong seek for double-wins

After settled in Shenzhen on a long-term base, the Conference on International Exchange of Professionals for the first time appears in Hong Kong and the promotion activities held by the Conference has caused great concerns of all walks of life in Hong Kong. The two parties of Shenzhen and Hong Kong have reached a consensus [...]

Shenzhen to expedite urban construction for the Universiade

The Forum with the theme “the city of Universiade, dreaming and exceeding” jointly organized by Shenzhen Press Group and Longgang district government was held in Longgang on September 15. Relevant officials took part in the Forum.
New opportunity for real estate development
Longgang Regional Secretary, Yu Weiliang said, along with the debut of the “Reform [...]

Shenzhen’s first natural gas bus to be put into operation

The Executive Meeting of Shenzhen Municipal Government earlier approved the Promotion Plan of Shenzhen’s Natural Gas Buses. As the Plan, Shenzhen will promote 300 buses powered by natural gas within this year, of which the first batch of the buses will be put into operation by the end of this month. Now, Shenzhen Gas Corporation [...]

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