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Album of the Week: Histoire De Melody Nelson


This Album of the week comes from Pierre Lavigne of (where you can purchase revolutionary era posters):

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Club Viva to Take over Clover

Club Viva after 1 year of rocketing to success on the Shenzhen bar scene says they are going to take over the underperforming Clover Restaurant next door. They are looking for a restaurant concept that can compliment the bar business. Any suggestions for what kind of food is missing from Futian please comment below. Are you a chef that can help develop a concept? They are specifically they are thinking tapas and looking for a Tapas Chef. Any around in Shenzhen? Please email [email protected] if you are.  Read more »

The Engadget Show: Inside the gadget markets of China, part two - Shenzhen

Check out Engadget's tour of Shenzhen Electronics showing you around the Luohu Commercial City and the Huaqiangbei gadget areas: Read more »

Grange Grill Opens Quietly in Westin

Westin Shenzhen opented very softly their new Steak House called the Grange Grill last Friday. This has been a long awaited restaurant and bar at the top of the hotel with a small terrace bar that looks over the Windows of the World. Get there around 8:30pm Friday or Saturday to see the fireworks show put on by the Windows of the World. They are just starting operation so don't flood them to try the steak sampler which includes a taste of Wagu. More to come when the hotel gives us some official information. Read more »

Hong Kong Pacific Coffee to open Shops in Shenzhen

Pacific Coffee is going to jump the border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Actually they have already stores in Beijing and Foshan. There next stop is Shekou Seaworld to bring their coffee brewery. Read more »

iPad Coming to Hong Kong in July

Details and exact dates are limited but according to MacWorld the iPad will be making its debut in Hong Kong sometime in July. Pricing and pre-ordering details are not available.

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Plush Bar Soft Opening Preview

The Plush Bar had its soft opening Friday night in Gouwugongyuan. The place is not too big so it will fill up quickly. It has design echos of the former Laluno Club because the same partners are back at it again this time with a smaller scale project in a much better location. The differentiation point of this club is it is Hip Hop Music. Read more »

Foccacino Updates Menu But do the Changes Target you?

Focaccino in Coco Park
has quietly introduced a new menu with a few new items. We have listed them here:

  1. Baked French Escargot 38rmb
  2. Focaccino pasta baked in a homemade pastry 56rmb
renaissance chambara: Thoughts and impressions from Shenzhen, China

Ged Carroll
wrote some impressions on Shenzhen during his recent business trip.

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