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Map of Shenzhen for Makers and Electronics Hackers
Huaqiangbei hardware hacking map

The original hardware hacker space, Seeed Studio, has published a Map of Shenzhen that gives you the inside scoop to finding components and electronics in Huaqiangbei Shopping Street and beyond to turn your Internet of things ideas into a reality. It is the Shenzhen Map for Makers available as a downloadable PDF Map or you can purchase a printed hacker map from the Seeed Studio Web site. Read more »

Jobs & Resumes FAQ

How do I post a job?

What is the cost for posting job?

How do I reply to a job post?

How do I post my resume?

Who can see my resume?

How do I edit/update my resume?

How do I indicate a job position has been filled?

How can I find part-time work on

Can I attach my resume when responding to a job?

Why can't I post a job when I fill in the company name field?

If you see the error "Company Name (Optional): found no valid post with that title." it is because the system was not able to look up your company in the business database.

If you are sure your company is in the business database:

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CCTV 4 Features the founding story of with Brent Deverman

Want to know how got started and the story behind the over 13 year old Web site? The TV Program "Foreigners in China" on CCTV 4 came to follow the owner Brent Deverman for a weekend. They came to film the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club plus other events and did in depth interviews staff and other people that have influenced along the way.


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Testimonials from Users

"Happy to say we have had a lot of quality candidates apply to the marketing manager posting I posted on More responses on there than an other platform!" - Malcolm Russell, Marketing Manager Hatch International Ltd

Yeah, thanks man, your site is awsome, more than helpful for us laowai here. Thanks for your hard work Brent. Hope to meet you in person next time. Im Yannis, from Greece. [Smile][Shake]

"Working with Shenzhen Party was great to reach our target audience of English speaking business owners in Shenzhen. With just a few posts we had phone calls from business people ready to come to our Cross Border Summit. Read more »

Events Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post my event?

1. Login to your account on our website. If you don’t already have an account, please “Join” or Login if you already have an account.

2. After you sign in, find “Events” under the top banner, then click into "Post Event" Read more »

Wine and Cheese Club Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code?

The dress code normally unless specified is formal. We expect ladies and gentlemen to dress up nicely like they are going out for a night on the town. We strongly suggest you adhere to the formal dress code policy, any indecent outfits such as Tshirts, Flipflops, shorts etc., will be prohibited. Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club reserves the right to reject any inappropriately dressed guests at the door. Thank you for your cooperation!

When is the Wine and Cheese Club?

The Wine and Cheese Club happens monthly on a saturday from 7pm to 10pm. View the full schedule for exact dates.

Why do you charge 380RMB?

    Shenzhen University Master
    Shenzhen University

    2019 SZU Admission Brochure for International Students Doctoral Programs &

    2019 SZU Admission Brochure for International Students Master Programs

    Undergraduate, Master, Doctoral Degrees at Shenzhen University

    Shenzhen University has three tracks of undergraduate degrees that foreigners can obtain. Read more »

    Shenzhen Apple Store Grand Opening Announced November 3rd
    Apple Store Opening Date Shenzhen

    Apple just announced the opening date of the Shenzhen Apple Store. The big day will be Saturday, November 3rd at 9am. Read more »

    September Wine and Cheese Thank you

    Dear Wine and Cheese Club Members, 

    Thank you for attending the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese Club's September event at Blue Italian Seafood & Grill RestaurantThe Venice Hotel Shenzhen (formerly Crowne Plaza). We hope you had a good time. Please send us feedback on the event execution to [email protected] to help us improve.  Read more »

    Apple to Hold Hardware Summit in Shenzhen

    According to 9to5mac the Sheraton Futian will host an Apple MFi Hardware summit from November 7th to 9th.. This is for the second time that Apple will give hardware accesory makers a chance to learn about the changes to developing hardware for the iPhone 5 and other iDevices. Read more »

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