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Lowering PM2.5 will be Shenzhen’s Focus in Environmental Management

The value of PM2.5 monitoring was for the first time included in the government work report delivered by Mayor Xu Qin on Sunday. 

Lowering PM2.5 (particulate matter) will be Shenzhen’s focus in environmental management and a new air quality standard will be made this year, a legislator said Sunday.

The city will take stricter measures to improve air quality and monitoring data for PM2.5, tiny particles or droplets in the air that are two and one half microns or less in width, will be announced on a regular basis soon, Liu Zhongpu, director of the city’s commission of human environment, said at the ongoing annual meeting of the city legislature. Read more »

New Rule for Shenzhen Traffic Aims to Decrease Accidents

The new rule, which aims to decrease traffic accidents, requires motorists to slow down to a stop when pedestrians are seeking to cross junctions. A fine of 500 yuan (US$79) each for not giving way to pedestrians at intersections without traffic lights.

The rule also forbids pedestrians to walk across the street when there is a footbridge or an underground tunnel within 50 meters. Riders of bicycles and e-bikes who illegally use vehicle lanes will also be fined.

Until the end of February, 1,000 police officers will be on roads to check for the violations. Read more »

Shenzhen Festival Transport Season Starts

Shenzhen Daily, Han Ximin reported that "THE L76 train to Chengdu, carrying 1,890 passengers, departed from Shenzhen at 12:38 a.m. yesterday, marking the beginning of the 40-day Spring Festival transport season.

The city’s Spring Festival Transport Office, a joint temporary organization by related departments, expects the city to handle 9.76 million passengers in 40 days, an increase of 2.6 percent compared with the same period last year."

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Shenzhen People’s Livelihood on Agenda

Shenzhen Daily, Li Hao reported that "SHENZHEN will seek to improve residents’ living standards by increasing its fiscal input in 2012, according to an annual government work report.

Mayor Xu Qin delivered the report yesterday at the opening of the annual session of the city’s legislature, which will last until Thursday.

Spending on social construction and the raising of residents’ living standards will account for more than 83 percent of the government’s planned investment this year, covering education, medicare, public transport and employment, the report said."

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Hong Kong Finds Two Infected Birds

The Hong Kong government said Friday that two dead birds found in the New Territories earlier this week have tested positive for a lethal strain of bird flu, the latest development in the global resurgence of the deadly virus.

The two black-headed gulls, a common winter visitor in Hong Kong, were found in separate parts of Hong Kong's rural hinterland. The government reiterated its pledge to conduct inspections of poultry farms to ensure proper precautions are made against bird flu. 


More about Hong Kong H5N1. Read more »

Longgang Focuses on Schools, Hospital Beds

Shenzhen Daily, Han Ximin reported that "LONGGANG District has pledged to build or expand 24 schools and add 3,000 hospital beds in the next five years.

In 2012, the district government will mobilize 170 mobile and 10 fixed vegetable shops to help residents offset the burden caused by price hikes.

The vegetable prices at the mobile shops will be 20-30 percent lower than those sold at supermarkets. The prices at fixed low-price shops will be 10-15 percent lower."

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Problematic Oil Not Found in Shenzhen

“We don’t sell substandard edible oil here,” a supermarket employee at Shirble Department Store in Jingtian said.

Walmart in Jingtian said they had high standards for edible oil. They would remove any oil products that fail quality standards when they receive any notice from the market supervision and quality control authorities.


More about Shenzhen Problematic Oil.

Source: Shenzhen Daily


Low mercury, Less Rain During the Spring Festival Transport Season

Shenzhen Daily, Han Ximin reported that "SHENZHEN will experience a cold weather during the Spring Festival transport season between Jan. 8 and Feb. 16 as four rounds of cold front are expected to affect the city.

The minimum temperature is expected to reach 6 degrees Celsius, most likely at the end of January and beginning of February.

There will be light rain and the minimum temperature would be around 10 degrees Celsius next week because of the weak cold front from the north, Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory said yesterday."

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Shenzhen Aims for Transport Hub

Shenzhen Daily reported that "SHENZHEN will spend 284.7 billion yuan (US$45 billion) in the coming five years to help the city become a global logistics service center, national transport hub and a city whose public transport is world-class.

The city’s transport commission will unveil 10 groups of plans and strategies to push the development of high-end logistics service and intelligent transport, improve the road network environment, relieve traffic congestion and enhance the sustainability of the city’s transport development."

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New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight in Shenzhen

Happy New Year! I am sure everybody has had a great time with the family. And boy! Those foods! 

Feel like shedding those extra pounds? losing weight is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions after the gluttony of the holiday season. If you’re pledging to lose some pounds this year by joining a gym, has a list of recommendations for you.


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