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Jenny Tung's blog

Frankie’s Review by Jenny Tung


33-34 Guihua Yuan Garden, Fenghuang Ave, Guihua Rd, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen, China


Shēnzhèn shì fútián bǎoshuìqū guìhuā lù fènghuáng dào guìhuā yuàn huāyuán 3 dòng yī céng 33-34 hào pù

Tel: 0 755-8257-2376

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Siu Chitang Sichuan Restaurant Review

Siu Chitang 小池塘
Review by Jenny Tung 

After a long day of work, my friend asked me to eat dinner with her to express her frustrations toward her job. She said Sichuan cuisine is the most suitable for this kind of situation because it will spice up your emotions and numb your headache. She drove me to the Shenzhen Bookmall near Civic Square. Read more »

I Du Tang Restaurant Food Review

OCT En Ping Rd, Building F3, OCT-Loft, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Shēnzhèn shì nánshān qū huáqiáochéng ēn píng jiē Oct wénhuà chuàngyì yuán F3 dòng
Tel: 0755-8610-6046


Food and music lovers, who live in Shenzhen, are often talking about the restaurant I Du Tang. It is located at OCT-Loft. Several of my friends had recommended this restaurant, but I never had the time to go. Honestly, the main reason that I never went was journalistic: the charms of I Du Tang weren’t exactly secrets, so what purpose did a fresh look serve? However, I hereby grant it after I give the restaurant a chance to redeem its honor. Read more »

Review: Midtown Cake the Hidden Cake Shop
Midtown Cake

Review by Jenny Tung

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