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Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Shenzhen with Rice Dumplings

The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in some areas in East Asia where there are populations of ethnic Chinese.  It is believed that dragon boat races can drive off the spread of disease that accompanies summer. That is why this is observed during spring time. 

Rice dumplings are traditionally eaten during this holiday. The stuffing is mostly made of glutinous rice, beans,salty eggs, meat wrapped in bamboo leaves.

You can enjoy this festive celebration in hotels which offers delectable rice dumplings with special stuffing which you can only buy during the duration of the dragon boat festival in Shenzhen:

Futian Shangri-la, Shenzhen Read more »

Legend and Origin of Dragon Boat Festival

In China, the dragon boat festival is called Duan Wu Jie. It is celebrated annually every 5th day of May in Lunar calendar. This year’s Duan Wu Jie will be celebrated in June 6th in Solar calendar . Today, some villages celebrate it with other days or maybe longer than the usual duration depending on the type of the race. But back then, they followed the 5th day of May to commemorate the great poet Qu Yuan. Qu yuan was a minister to Zhou Emperor. And when he tried to protest the government, he was put into exile. The sad story about this poet is that, out of despair he threw out himself into the river as a sign of protest to the government. Because of this tragedy, the locals rushed to the river to save him but they were too late. Read more »

Dapeng Ancient City of China

A visit to China is never complete without dropping in at Dapeng Ancient City.   This city was built during the Ming Dynasty around 1394 to serve as a naval base to counter pirates coming from the South China Sea.   The fort also played an important role during the Opium War fought against the British forces.  A hundred thousand square meters in area, Dapeng town in Shenzen is a well-preserved town, so well-preserved that the buildings and the narrow winding streets still look the way they did during the Ming and Qing dynasties, giving one a feel of how life was in Imperial China.  The city is actually still surrounded by the stone wall built centuries ago. Read more »

Shenzhen Dental Service: Slowly Rising Up

Shenzhen is a small city in the south part of China.  Although only a few people are actually familiar with it, it is slowly becoming a famous tourist spot.  They have expanded their city enough to accommodate every visitor’s interests.  They have theme parks that the whole family would enjoy.  And who could ever forget that park where you can find replicas of almost all the famous sights in the world?  It is like going around the world without having to leave Shenzhen.  Read more »

Jewelry Shops in Shenzhen: A Combination of Cheap Finds and High-end Accessories

Shenzhen has developed into a jewelry town, housing more than 800 trinket manufacturing industrial avenues. Shenzhen has become popular for its industrial hub. Being a special economic zone, Shenzhen has built empires for locals and augmented revenue and returns of investments for foreign owned corporations. In the trinket industry, Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone is an area in Shenzhen that produces 80 % of all the jewelry in China. It is frequented by the Hongkong Jeweler Xie Ruilin, Hengfeng, QIngfengjin and Daimengde.  The ShuiBei International Jewelry Trade Center managed by the Ya Nuo Xin Group houses more than 500 of local and international notable jewelry shops. Read more »

China Educational System – Ensuring a Brighter Future through Quality Education

China is one of the most populous countries in the world today with over 1.3  billion people. To improve the quality of life there are varied school systems that are being implemented in the country. There are preschools and kindergartens, primary, secondary, vocational schools, key schools, and schools for the handicapped like the blind and deaf. The government handles the China educational system, but the Chinese Communist Party also plays an important role in managing education since 1949.  Read more »

Get Acquainted with China Insurance Policies and Companies

Just like everywhere else in the world, being insured or having an insurance policy named in your behalf is always a well trusted fallback. Being in China is no different. Whether you are there as an expatriate, citizen or a tourist, you should at least try to avail a couple of China Insurance Policies. This will at least give you the peace of mind you need and want while you are in the vast land of China. There are several insurance companies that provide various insurance policies. Here are the biggest ones. Read more »

Celebrating Children’s Day in China with Music and Magical Shows

Children from all over the world, including China, are always looking forward to Children’s Day.  This is because this is the one special holiday in the whole year that the whole world honors their very existence.  The children in China know that they would get to have fun activities and events during this very special day, plus, this is also the only day they do not have to wear their school uniforms to attend Children’s Day in their schools.  With all these in line, celebrating Children’s Day in China is indeed something to look forward to. Read more »

The 12 Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac, or Shengxiao in Chinese, is the complementary Eastern representation of what is known as the astrological signs in the West. It is believed that the year of birth and the animal sign associated to it represents the character and traits of an individual, and it has been used by the ancient Chinese to determine how a person should be guided. Read more »

Celebrating Children’s Day in China the Shenzhen Way

Children’s Day is the one day holiday in China that pays tribute to all children.  China celebrates this occasion on the first day of June, same as the International Children’s Day held worldwide.  Every year, Children’s Day in China consists of events to make children enjoy the day dedicated especially to them.  All primary schools do not have classes during this day and instead, children come to school not to study, but to have fun.  This is also the only day that children are allowed to enter the school in their regular clothes. Read more »

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