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Fake buses gouge passengers in S. China

Asiaone has an article named "Fake buses gouge passengers in S. China"

SHENZHEN, CHINA - Illegally-run buses disguised as genuine ones charge high fares in downtown Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong province, reported the Yangcheng Evening News on Friday.

In one bus route, an ordinary ticket costs S$2 (10 yuan) while some fake buses charge more than 40 yuan (US$5.89), according to a reporter disguised as a passenger.

Buses, pushed aside by fake vehicles, are often unable to draw up at the station, said the reporter.

Some illegally-run buses pasted instructions at every stop in large characters, and some even hung up forged boards of the No.868 bus, attracting commuters.

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Heavy rain to continue at weekend

ShenzhenDaily has an article named "Heavy rain to continue at weekend" by Han Ximin

HEAVY rain is expected in Shenzhen on Saturday and Sunday under the influence of tropical storm Meranti, the 10th of the season, the meteorological observatory said Thursday.

Meranti, the name of a tree in Malaysia, was 550 kilometers southwest of Shenzhen at 3 p.m. Thursday moving north-northwest at 20 kilometers per hour in the South China Sea. It was expected to land along the coast between eastern Guangdong and southern Fujian between Thursday evening and Friday.

Meranti would move north after making landfall. Torrential rain was expected Saturday and Sunday, the observatory said.

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Tick bites kill 18 in Henan

ShenzhenDaily has an article named "Tick bites kill 18 in Henan"

EIGHTEEN people have died after contracting an infection from tick bites in Xinyang City, Henan Province, provincial health authorities said Wednesday.

The 18 victims were among 557 reported cases of suspected human granulocytic anaplasmosis (HGA), which is similar to Lyme disease, in the province since May 2007. Most were found in Xinyang’s Shangcheng and Guangshan counties and Shihe and Pingqiao districts, the provincial public health department said.

Similar cases were reported in five other provinces including Shandong, Hubei and Anhui.

Shenzhen has so far no reports of patients becoming infected, its Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

China supplants U.S. in new energy ranking

Shenzhendaily has an article named "China supplants U.S. in new energy ranking"

CHINA overtook the United States to lead a quarterly index of the most attractive countries for renewable energy projects for the first time, according to the global accounting firm Ernst & Young, which compiles the list.

China, which shared the lead with the United States in the first quarter, moved ahead of the world’s largest economy and ranked the most attractive for investment in wind and solar projects.

The move followed the failure of a proposed energy bill in the United States to include a clean energy standard, the company said yesterday.

Snake meat containing additive poisons 13

Shenzhen Daily has an article named "Snake meat containing additive poisons 13" by Wang Yuanyuan

THIRTEEN people were poisoned after eating snake meat containing a harmful steroid in a restaurant on two separate occasions, Shenzhen’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said yesterday.

The patients, who were poisoned Sept. 1 and 2, were recovering in hospital and the unidentified restaurant in Futian District was punished for selling snakes without quarantine certificates, the CDC said, without giving details.

It was the first time the steroid had been found in snake meat in China, the CDC said.

The additive, which is banned from animal feed in China, was better known for being fed to pigs.

Survey: China to Supply the Largest Number of Tourists Abroad by 2012

eChinacities has an article named "Survey: China to Supply the Largest Number of Tourists Abroad by 2012"

A recent survey had found that travel industry in the Asia-Pacific region has been regaining confidence and growth; results show that less and less people are worried about the down economy for it to influence them to change travel plans.

Home markets rebounding in major cities

Shenzhen daily has an article named "Home markets rebounding in major cities"

HOME prices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen rose last month with transaction volumes increasing for the first time since April, the Guangzhou Daily reported yesterday, quoting China Real Estate Information Corp. and real estate brokers.

Average home prices in Beijing rose 10.6 percent in August from July to 21,008 yuan (US$3,100) per square meter while housing sales saw a 14.5 percent rebound, according to the newspaper.

Shanghai’s average home prices gained 5.8 percent in August from July to 20,973 yuan per square meter, the first rise in four months, and sales of new homes jumped 70 percent for the same period.

The past 30 years in Shenzhen

Here are some pictures about 30 years ago in Shenzhen, you can see the change between 30 years in Shenzhen is huge. Shenzhen was a small fishing village 30 years ago but now, it became one of the top cities in China. 


Shenzhen Train Station in 1980



ShenNan road in 1982



the view of Luohu in 1981



the view of Luohu in 1982


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Hu backs SEZ on further reforms

Shenzhen daily has an article named "Hu backs SEZ on further reforms" by Han Ximin

THE Central Government will continue to support the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to pilot further reforms, President Hu Jintao told a gathering in Shenzhen to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the SEZ.

Hu hailed Shenzhen as a miracle in the world’s history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization.

“The Central Government will, as always, support the brave exploration of the special economic zone as well as its role of testing and carrying out reforms ahead of others,” Hu told nearly 2,000 people representing all walks of life in Shenzhen at a gathering at University Town in Nanshan District.

Meeting, fireworks to mark SEZ anniversary

ShenzhenDaily has an article named "Meeting, fireworks to mark SEZ anniversary" by Li Hao

AN official meeting and a grand fireworks display will be held today to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, according to a government release.

The Metropolitan Channel of Shenzhen TV will live broadcasts the meeting from 9:52 a.m.

The fireworks display is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. today at the southern square of the Citizens’ Center in Futian District.

More than 100,000 fireworks will be set off, some of which would reach a height of 250 meters, according to the urban management bureau, which is in charge of preparations.

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