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Pearl on the Peak meets Summer New dishes to the menu.Zest up your dining plan

Pearl on the Peak is adding zesty new tastes to the menu this Summer season. The spectacular panoramic view of Hong Kong from the restaurant is already worth the visit, but the latest creations by our chefs are definitely the reason to keep coming back for. Revolving around the original sweetness and fresh flavors of fruits and vegetables, Pearl on the Peak has diligently designed a new series from starters, entrées to desserts.

Cold starters to cool the heat
Boston Lobster is not the same when paired with Black Truffle Angel Hair. This dish is complemented with green and seasonal white asparagus. Another choice could be Roasted Coconut Prawns and Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar, which the prawns are grilled with coconut juice. Both starters are dressed with specially made tangy sauces.

Iced Peacock Abalones are marinated for 24 hours in garlic, dried shrimps and wine, and then uniquely served cold. The dish keeps the firm-to-the-bite texture of the abalones and captures the very essence of the seafood taste.

Soups that are not just meant to be hot, but cold
The soup category has two new members: Home Cured Ham and Bay Bug Tail in Mint, Green Pea Soup and Flower Crab and Avocado Gazpacho. The gazpacho is a Spanish tradition in a cold tomato and cucumber based soup with chunky crabmeat handpicked from an entire crab. It is proudly served tableside and perfect for the hot weather.

Fruits with entrées
Our chefs have creatively use fresh fruits to bring surprises to the meat entrées. Crisped Quail is stuffed with red grapes and sage verjus. The whole quail is also delicately presented without bones. Separately, a Cabernet Sauvignon sauce with lime and fresh figs is coupled with Pan-fried Duck Breast.

The sweet finales
Zen, a layered green tea dessert with red beans, matcha ice shavings and mousse to sooth the mind. Or, the Fuji Apple Soufflé with Baked Cinnamon Apple and Green Apple Sorbet will soon be your new Summer favorite.

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