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Frankie’s Review by Jenny Tung


33-34 Guihua Yuan Garden, Fenghuang Ave, Guihua Rd, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen, China


Shēnzhèn shì fútián bǎoshuìqū guìhuā lù fènghuáng dào guìhuā yuàn huāyuán 3 dòng yī céng 33-34 hào pù

Tel: 0 755-8257-2376


A Carolina Barbecue sandwich (70 RMB): why has no one put this in front of me before? This was the question that frequently popped up in my head while savoring big bites of my sandwich. Not because the tender slow-cooked pork shoulder was all hand-pulled, but because the Frankie’s legendary barbeque sauce made the whole sandwich awfully delicious. 

If one day you bump into a person who hands you a Frankie’s business card and tells you that you must give the restaurant a try, my advice is: LISTEN TO HIM! The owner of Frankie’s, Frank Caruso often rescues people who have lost their appetite in this big city. Many westerners often complain to him of the fact that there is no place like home: A place where you can go and have a drink with friends after a long day of work, a place where you can have a “real American” burger with an ice-cold beer, a place where you can scream out loud with your fellow sports fans, or maybe a place where true customer service is really provided. But you know what, Frankie’s can help you to solve all your homesickness. 

Beer lovers must try their “Rock Bar Appalachian Pale Ale” (55 RMB). Rock Bar Appalachian Pale Ale was brewed here in Shenzhen, and you will be amazed by its taste. It had a malty flavor that brought out the sweet, smoky, earthy flavor of the beer, which I love dearly. 

The menu here is simple and easy to comprehend, and consistently reflects the best American style food: hamburgers, sandwiches, and ballpark franks hot dogs. All the burgers at Frankie’s feature 170g patties of 100% hand-ground Mongolian beef. My friend had a “Frankie Burger”, (70 RMB) which was served as a REAL American portion, and it brought him a great deal of satisfaction. The waitress who served us spoke English fluently and served with world-class, five-star service. What was interesting about Frankie’s was that you can tip your favorite waitress and bartender!

After our meal, Frank took us to Frankie’s forthcoming open cigar bar. The cigar bar was fully equipped and stocked with imported cigars. If you want to learn more about the cigar bar and its opening date, don’t hesitate to give Frankie’s a call. 

I know sometimes living in China isn’t that easy especially when it comes to eating and drinking. But with restaurants like Frankie’s, it provides a comforting space for people like us who miss the tastes of home. 


Food: 4.0 / 5.0

Environment: 4.0 / 5.0

Service: 5.0 / 5.0

Cost: 120 RMB / head


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About the Author
About the Author:

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, on July 28, 1988, Jenny received a B.A. degree from the University of California, Irvine in 2010. Working in a 5 stars hotel before, Jenny is on a constant quest for the next breakthrough in taste. She has shared her discoveries and her passion in food and was named restaurant critic for in May 2012.

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