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Frankie's Grille, Bar, and Cigars

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Frankie's Bar and Grille

Frankie's Grille, Bar, and Cigars opened in April, 2012 as the first of it's kind in Shenzhen (and among the first in all of China)---a Western-style bar and restaurant offering proper, world-class service in a casual, laid-back atmosphere.  Enter Frankie's and get transported to any neighborhood bar in Texas (Frank's most recent home state) or Virginia (the home of Nate, the bar boss and GM, and Adam, the co-manager and head chef).  

The service is fast and friendly, the staff either American or fluent in English.  The pours are generous and the beer ice-cold (including a proprietary local microbrew, the "Rock Bar Appalachian Pale Ale").  The food menu includes American standards like pulled pork barbecue and hamburgers, using the best ingredients available (including hand-ground Mongolian beef), and actual fresh made-to-order salads.  The decor is classic American, with hand-painted portraits of celebrities ranging from the Rat Pack to Larry Bird, and a clock that always displays 5 o'clock; although the centerpiece (above the music stage) is a massive tribute to the Bruce Springsteen Born to Run album.  And speaking of music, while there is no pounding dance music or club DJ's, it's reasonable to expect a steady dose of anything from Tom Petty to Steve Earle to, yes, the Boss; and customers are encouraged to make requests or suggestions.

Frankie's is located in Futian, a quick walk from the #4 gate to the Free Trade Zone, in a quiet area close to almost everything, but still far enough from the chaos of Coco Park and Shekou to provide a welcome respite.  


Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday, 11am till 1am

If you’re driving or taking a taxi, the following directions should take you right to our front door:


  • From 三号门 (“San hao men”): turn right off of Yitian Rd, drive for six blocks until you pass 四号门 (“Si hao men”) on your left and the 好又乐 (“Hao You Le”) supermarket on your right. Drive 150m to the end of the block and you’ve arrived.

  • 中文:从三号门,益田路往右拐,通过6个路口左手边是四号门,好又乐超市在你 右手边,再往前行驶150米左右到前面的路口处就是酒吧。

  • From Fubao Tunnel: Turn left on Guihua Road (“桂花路”). At the 四号隧道 (“Si hao sui dao”) red light, turn right, then turn right again at 四号门 (“Si hao men”). Drive 150m to the end of the block and you’ve arrived.

  • 中文:从福保隧道,桂花路往左拐,到达四号隧道红灯处,往右拐,再往右拐到四号门,往前行驶150米,前面的路口处就是酒吧。

  • From the Sheraton Four Points: Turn left on Guihua Road (“桂花路”). Drive approximately 8 blocks until you reach the 四号隧道 red light. Turn left toward 四号门, then turn right and drive 150m to the end of the block.

  • 中文:从福朋喜来登酒店出发,往左拐到达桂花路,往前行驶大约8个路口直到你到达四号隧道红灯处,然后往四号门左拐,在右拐行驶150米,前面路 口处就是酒吧。

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Frankie's Grille, Bar, and Cigars
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
33-34 Guihua Yuan Garden, Fenghuang Ave, Guihua Rd, Futian Free Trade Zone
Place Phone: 
8257-2376 / 130-2888-0850

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Just got back from "Frankies"


Just got back from "Frankies" and loved the place so much i tought i would share :)

Finnaly a bar with good music, good drinks and good food!

First off the place seems to just be taking off, this might be a problem to some people so bring your party with you for now (myself, i love it that way, but just a heads up)
The place it self is really (really) hard to find so if your a first timer be prepared, but its definnetly worth it.
we had the burgers (the one with the feta cheese on them, dont remember the name) and i must say that the burger does live up to the hype - it is the best burger i had in china, period.
I talked to Adam which seems like a really cool guy and he promised that they will lunch some live music nights soon - that will make it perfect as far as im concerned ... :)

I can tell Frankie's is


I can tell Frankie's is really trying hard to be be the "Cheers" of Shenzhen. The guys in charge, Nathan and Adam, use their southern hospitality to charm customers and are instilling this American work ethic into their employees. Nathan and Adam have extensive bar tending experience in the US and so you can get a reliable generous cocktail from them. Their gradual addition of menu items to their food menu ensures that they are perfecting each dish before they move onto the next one and carefully controlling quality. The location of the bar is 20 minutes by walk from the Four Points which is 20 minutes too long and for people not familar with the area extremely difficult to find. This is definitely a destination bar but should be very welcome if you work in the Futian Free Trade zone. The country music played is also quite a nice change from other places but not being a country music fan myself I am not sure if I will still like it the the Nth time I am there. Still they have an extensive MP3 library and take requests.

I have tried the Grilled Cheese Sandwich which was not quite like home because it was more pannini style. The Pesto Burger with Green Eggs was great though they had already run out of larger hamburger buns as they are not up to mass production yet sometimes there are shortages. New on the menu soon is the Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich that was a treat and comes with homemade BBQ sauce.
call us: +86-186-7677-0910