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looking for good nail salon to do gel nail


Hi,any body can recommend me clean and good nail salon,i would like to do gel nail ,it seem gel is not trend here,they mostly do shellac .If any salon use CND product even better.Thanks

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Hi Erin Thanks very much,my

Hi Erin

Thanks very much,my gym is in houhai,every day i take metro to there .I will send you my email address.

U in shenzhen? take the metro

U in shenzhen? take the metro to houhai stop, there ll be lots of nail salon, clean and the price is accpetable.  actually all of them can do gel or cnd if u want, u just need to ask, in chinese of course. i m quite familiar with the nail salons in different areas of shenzhen since i m local and i get a lot of nail done. u can have my email c if i can offer u more info.

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