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Does anyone here like to play PC games? I just had a question that whicg game amongst acheter gta V, titainfall, watch dogs, Sim city will be the best buy?

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Play League of

Play League of Legends...You'll be shopping for a new screen in no time!! =))

Yes PC gamer here.  1. GTA V

Yes PC gamer here. 

1. GTA V is not on the pc for at least the next year. 

2. Titanfall is a hell of a lot fun, see it as a COD fast paced shooter with big robots lol

3. Watchdogs is not out yet, but one of the titels i'm looking forward to. 

4. Simcity sucks big time, don't get me wrong i grew up with simcity. but this is just a ugly monster in the IP

The big question is, do you want to play original games or HQB coppies ? ( cracked versions ) 

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