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BJJ drills/rolling early morning


Hi all,


I'm living across the road from Childrens Park (儿童公园)and I'm lookin for people interested in training BJJ drills and maybe some rolling in the park early morning a few days a week. 


I've got a busy job and a young child so early morning is the only consistent time I can train. 


I was thinking of just buying some of those foam puzzle matmates online, finding a flat space in the park, putting the mats down there and the training for an hour or so. although it's not that hot early in the morning, could do no gi to make it a bit more pleasant. 


please note I am not a bjj coach or even close to being one. I have more of a Judo background and just started bjj last year but I hate the gym and just want to keep up some training. 


Let me me know if you are interested. 







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