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Who has much love to give to a very tiny male doggie ?


Hello dear members,


Yesterday, I found under the rain a very cute little doggie. He was alone and cold. I brought him home as I couldn't leave him alone like that.

He is so cute, friendly and he needs a new home with new daddy or nanny :)

I would have liked to keep him but I always travel and I won't be able to stay with him as my trips are for weeks in Europe and America too (I am business owner).


Today, I would like to find an animal lover who could bring much attention to a very young and beautiful little dog. I made him shower and gave him food with attention so he is now ready to see his new owner.


If you love animals, if you want to adopt one little dog, please contact me. Don't forget that dogs are not toys, they have feelings and deserve much love and affection.


The little boy is my picture profile,very cute isn't it ? :)


Contact me as fast as possible and I would be happy to give you this nice and beautiful dog.


My deepest sympathies



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