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 Prana was a beautiful dog,

 Prana was a beautiful dog, whose name means “breath of life”。 Although he died several years ago, I can still remember the days we spent together and what he has taught me about love.
  It was an autumn day but it was very cold. A big snow fell and we had not done anything for its coming. On that special day, Prana went outside and I watched him through the window. I noticed that he was madly digging holes and bringing the apples to the ground so they could be seen above the snow. I did not know why he was doing this. He seemed to want to do something special.
  When I called him back, he had his usual one apple in his mouth. About five minutes later, I looked outside. The garden was completely covered with birds. Prana had dug up all those apples for his bird friends to eat. He knew that they wouldn't have stored enough food for the coming winter!

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