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female cat - scottish fold - giving away for free


Hello there, please meet Mia..

She is a pure breed Scottish Fold, gentle and soft-spoken.

she has already been living with our family for a few years, but sadly we must now give her away.

One year ago, Mia started suffering from a chronic condition in her eyes. It's by no means life-threatening and under normal circumstances we would continue taking care of her. My wife however just got pregnant, and having Mia around has simply become too risky.

My heart feels heavy as a rock whenever I think that if nobody wants her, I will have to put her to sleep. I don't even want to think about this possibility. I hope there is somebody in this community willing to give Mia a new home. Please!

We will give for free all the necessary items: pet cage, two cat litters, scratch pad, bowls, brush, electric hair trimmer.


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