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Any Suggestions on Good Networking Events in Shenzhen?

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Hi all, I plan to travel to Shenzhen in the next month or two and one of the ways I'd like to use my free time is to attend some networking events where I can meet some new friends and business contacts.

I hope group members with more experience in Shenzhen can point me in the right direction.

1) What Chambers of Commerce are most active in Shenzhen and have the most/best events?
2) How viable is it to attend events in Hong Kong (I'm a US citizen, no visa issues) ?
3) Any other privately owned/operated networking events i should be aware of?
4) Any events that largely attract the local Chinese?


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Comments is the is the complete event directory for networking events. Whenever organizers are having an event they post them to our event calendar that you should check out on at least a weekly if not daily basis:

From hardware hacking meetups to chambers of commerce to social gatherings like the Shenzhen wine and cheese club and Shenzhen Asian Culture Society we list all the events there. Both weekly events and one time seminars can be found on our site.

Hong Kong is indeed accessible for networking events and there are an order of magnitude more events in HK. We try to keep up with the important ones as well as list the big concerts on our Hong Kong/Macau events page: is the organizer of the Shenzhen Wine and Cheese club. This club has been in existence for over 9 years and it is the perfect entrance to the Shenzhen community for someone that has just arrived in the city. We have a healthy mix of expats from many countries and Chinese. Each event has over 100 attendees with high quality wine, cheese and food. You can find the upcoming schedule of wine and cheese events at this link:

The Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Association is responsible for most of the events with Chinese that have studied abroad. We are normally media partners with them on their big events and you can find them on our event calendar as well:

Finally if you register as a member on our website and subscribe to our daily insider tips email we will send you the important networking events right to your inbox.

Add "shenzhenparty" on Wechat and you will get some of those events sent right to your phone.

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