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Influence of fuel system on concrete pump


Consider the Source: Preventive Maintenance through Smart Fuel Practices. Just as with the human body, you will only get out of your machine what you put into it. Most construction firms hollow block machine, especially those in populated areas, don’t have to be too concerned with “fresh” fuel as the supply is regularly cycled through. Fuel quality in North America is generally pretty good. Having said that: source your fuel from a reputable source with a track record for clean and fresh diesel. Diesel fuel begins to degrade as it ages. This degradation leads to the formation of a variety of “organic” materials within the fuel that clogs filters and can impede performance of the engine. As filters clog and that material works its way into the injectors, the chances of abrasion wear increases. Putting old diesel into a high-performance diesel engine starts you off on the wrong foot immediately.

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How you store your diesel fuel is also important. It is recommended that portable tanks of diesel be stored inside to prevent exposure to temperature fluctuations that can cause condensation. That condensation then provides a direct source of water into the diesel fuel. Some even suggest filling equipment tanks at the end of each shift to minimize the physical space on the inside of the tank where condensation can occur. It is also recommended to outfit bulk storage tanks with breathers and dryers designed to keep water and contaminants out of the diesel, as well as added filtration at the input and output as another line of defense.

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