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Fote mobile crusher is efficient in waste disposal


According to relevant data statistics, by 2020, the new construction area of our country will be about 30 billion square meters, if calculate by the standard of 500 to 600tons per ten thousand of square meters, there is no doubt that the amount of new construction waste will be huge. Most of the construction waste is piled up on the open-air or directly embed without any processing, which not only costs a lot of waste freight construction funds, but also causes serious environmental pollution. So how to effectively deal with construction waste has become a priority.

Fote mobile crushing plant designs allow the complete primary crushing system to be shifted by transport crawlers to different locations within the mine or pit. A semi-mobile crushing plant offers a flexibility to larger operations that minimizes truck haulage from the operating face. Crushers in the plant can either be indirect feed where the trucks dump into a feed hopper and an apron feeder then feeds the crusher, or a direct feed, where the trucks dump into a tip feeding the crusher directly.

Fote mini mobile crushing plant, designed by Fote engineers, is a new type crushing and screening equipment with international advanced level. It is widely used in railway, highway, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy and other industries, especially for the highway, railway, construction waste processing and other liquid materials. It is a new type environmental protection crusher with stable production and high efficiency. As the integration of the mobile crushing plant, the mini mobile crushing equipment is flexible, adaptable and can reduce material handling costs. It can be used independently. We can provide a more flexible process configuration according to your requirements for the material type and the products.

Fote mini mobile crusher does not need the tedious steel framed structure or foundation, so it is time saving. Besides, it can be directly driven to the selected sites. It is the best equipment to deal with construction waste.

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