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Where have all the underground dance music nights gone?


I've just arrived in Shenzhen and am looking for house/techno/drum and bass (basically any non-commerical dance music) nights. It seems that as of about 2015 they either suddenly stopped happening or became impossible to track down on the internet. Please someone tell me it's just the latter! for example, had loads of nights being posted throughout the whole of 2015 then abruptly stopped, with no updates since then, same story with a couple others I've found. Does anyone know another more current website that does the same job, or something on another platform that keeps you updated? If you have the same question then add me on wechat or something and we can let each other know what we find. My wechat id is 'cochslavachen'. Also, while I'm at it, seeing as I only know one other person here and all the info about bars seems to be pretty dated and therefore probably not reliable, i'd like to ask if anyone can tell me some popular bars for expats in and around Coco Park. Any info on either subject would be very much appreicated. Cheers

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