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Where is the Best Hamburger in Shenzhen?


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The Kitchen, I love food from

The Kitchen, I love food from the kitchen, especially the burger!! I like it 70% done with the beef, a little bit raw but not too raw, you can still see the pink beef inside. And the sauce goes with beef, everything is just so perfect.If you are a chip lover, the chips side dish is wonderful. It gets you stuffed.

I am a beef lover. By the way, the steak is also very good at the kitchen. I love fillet, medium rare. Love it.

If you want to eat a really

If you want to eat a really tasty and juicy burger with cheese, bacon and succulent french fries, my advice is to go to X-TA-SEA Sport Bar in Shekou at the lower level of the boat.  Burgers are huge for a democratic price.  Together with a fresh draft beer ... a real delice :-)

Cowboys Hamburger as it

Cowboys Hamburger as it offers good quality burgers for a good price. A hamburger is quite simple dish to make so its refreshing that Cowboys doesn't try to do anything fancy and instead focus on the ingredients. The beef is juicy without being too greasy and the toppings are prepared well so that they compliment but not overpower the taste of the burger. For example the cheese is cooked just enough so that it is melted just perfectly. Its always difficult to find different types of cuisines outside of their respective countries but Cowboys shows that it can be done well if done properly! 

The Boat house in

The Boat house in Shekou.

Why? It's beef burger is big and juicy and comes with toasted buns and all the toppings plus pickles and fries on the side and home made Italian dressing with a touch of diced ginger in it.

Most importanly the owner Steve, is serious about ordering quality beef.



The  Brew House!Because they

The  Brew House!
Because they cooked it with love and real cheese (as a french guy, it counts to have real cheese)!
Because their bread is cooked in the oven, what makes it crusty at the outside and soft in the inside (as my heart)!
Because a good burger always goes with an authentic beer, which brew house has!

The Kitchen, especially the

The Kitchen, especially the Surper one, the beef is so huge!!!!!

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