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Thirsty for locally made craft beer in Shenzhen?



I’m an American brewer who recently moved to Shenzhen to open an independent craft brewery. The brewery is on the way to opening in late summer but since I’ve already made some beer I figured why wait that long for a taste?

I make delicious ales with imported American hops, German malts, and local ingredients like honey, sichuan pepper, teas, and fruits. 

What I’m looking for are some events that I can roll a few cold kegs in the door and sell a few pints. Events that support design, arts, education, technology, small business, or even house/pool parties would be great. Currently, I’ve got three beers ready to go: 1 pale ale, and 2 different wheat beers. The pale ale is made with 5 different types of American hops and Australian malts. The wheat beers use classic German wheat malt but I added some local honey and chamomile to bring out a very fragrant (and high alcohol) wheat beer. These beers might not be for everyone but for some of you they’re exactly what you’ve been waiting for. 

Drop me a line at bionicbrew[at]gmail[dot]com if you’re interested. I’m new in town and look forward to meeting some of the great people and organizations that are in Shenzhen. I hope to be here a long time and contribute as best I can to the community.


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By: Joefink
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