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My birthday is this weekend can you recommend something fun and different?


I was hoping you could help me. My birthday is this weekend and everyone is expecting something fun and different. Could you share a few recommendations?!

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Thank you so much!!  I

Thank you so much!!  I haven't been to Portofino, Face Club or Rose Bank by Glen yet.  If I don't get to them this weekend, they are definitely on my list of places to hit next month! 


Drinks at at the top of the

  1. Drinks at at the top of the terrace during sunset at the Westin Grange Grill and then dinner at Portofino Laurel restaurant by the lake side.
  2. Thai food at The Terrace and then stay to watch the band with possible night out around Shekou
  3. All you can eat Japanese food and all you can drink beer at Japanese restaurant Marina in Luohu or Marina Nanshan
  4. Party at True Colors on the 25th floor (usually very private).
  5. Dinner on the patio or in the Grand Hyatt La Terazza Italian Restaruant then party in the back room of Face Club with Sam the bartender's infused vodka cocktails.
  6. Spicy Sichuan Dinner at Bashufeng Coco Park and then night out at Club Viva or Pepper.
  7. Dinner at Art/Taste in OCT Loft followed by Whisky cocktails at Rose bank by Glen and then some Jazz Music at Penny black
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