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free time in Nanshan or futian areas




Are yhou free weekends evenings of some days,


i am here in shenzhen for another month as i have returned from beihai and changsha trip


now i need to connect with some seriously easy style persons for a giggle and some social life


so if you have some time on your hands let me know, i will be be around shenzhen for another 3+ ish weeks before the uk trip.


see you then



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About the Author
By: olieben
About the Author:

long term traveler to China, now business related
i like the interaction involved in visiting and traveling various places, its tiring but rewarding. i am a health conscious person, keep fit and fastidious about this area. have friends in Shenzhen and considering having a home here in the coming year if possible, Shenzhen is a place you can be busy also lonely, you always need to be out there to participate which is not always convenient in business. i want to see more of china as i did several years ago but its been a year not i haven't done much else than work and stay local to Shenzhen, i always keep an open mind to meeting a good meaningful solid woman if there is such a person out there for long term plans, but time will tell how that develops, clubbing and drinking is not the be all and end all as i see it.
i am optimistic and out going, interested in activities and anything think that spices up life, [that doesnt only mean bars and facebook:

Company: innov8 wholesale ltd
Home Country: United Kingdom
Job Title: overseas purchasing GM
Location: Futian District
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